23 July 2013

When blog is exposed to that kind of relatives

Note: This post is full of the stuff that will drive you crazy. Read on your own responsibility.

We all have THAT kind of relatives who
make fun of little kids - never leave your house until you ask God
are sarcastic - bully you for no reason
have no celebrity crush - not known with blogging

Don't be afraid, they won't read yours until you din.
It's not so long tale, I hadn't exposed my blog in my IRL friends/relative circle. At least to most of them.
Note for them : You reading? Heya

Salute to mum/granny/aunt who just declared that her daughter/grand daughter/niece is a BIG BLOGGER (Kidding?)
2k (Eh?) followers.
Kill me.
Now this topic has closed. These women won't do it again, still  don't believe, I'll keep an eye over them.
So what happened, the story starts exactly from here. Scratch.
How these ladies bragged explained.

"She writes very well. Her articles are amazing. Her grammar and spellings are not perfect. She's indeed so successful." -Grandma 
You got that she never read my blog. 

"Blogging is something that people write on internet. Others read them and they become friends. She has so many friends." -Aunt
Ain't too easy? 

"Online writing. My daughter writes, I'm proud." *Tears filled eyes* -Mum
No comments.

Relatives know what to expect from me. Anything & everything.

Start from olders

Why you blog?
Aar, to write.

Write what?
Anything. Related to me.
Oh yes, narcism.

Cheeky cousins
How to win giveaways?

Companies give you free money, don't they?
Why would they?
Your blog genre, 
Me : Lifestyle. 
They: Hmm, so what do you write?
Me: Daily life. 
They: Your life? Then who'd read!

How you collected followers?
They just...
Came by? And stopped to stay.

Forever alone relative
How you make friends?

We read each other. Talk & discuss.We're aware of other's daily life and our lovely little secrets.

You've posted secrets?
Heck? I didn't mean that way.

Are they only ladies or you talk to men too?
Ladies only.
*In mind* You're cheap.

The grumpy aunt
Why the girls waste time over internet, doing their business (aka bloggin)?
We don't waste time. We learn from another girl's experience. We know how to become social and...

Experience? Which kind of.
I was just saying.

The sarcist ones
You design blogs. Is this the reason you chose computer science?
No. Take this as a coincidence. 

They: We know, it's time wasting. Leave blogging and try to face real world. You have lots of work to do, get married and improve your home. Are you prepared?
ME : 

Have you ever survived got into this kinds situation?

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  1. Some relatives are just so arghhh! I think every family has a person that makes you roll your eyes.

  2. I always think "the look" people give you once you tell them you blog is always the same! I don't think it's a strange thing to do at all... haha but I guess that's why I do it! :)

  3. Errr , don't count me in "those" peeps , I'm your twinny . FINE?
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. mine dont know either. a part of my life I want to keep private

  5. My family do not get that blogging not even my dad who got me into blogging to start with

  6. This post made my night! I actually do share my blog with friends and family. Thankfully they don't give me a hard time.

    - Jen

  7. I can totally relate. I just recently started sharing my blog with VERY close family and it went over well with them. My mom has that same proud feeling and I only have 136 GFC followers so far LOL. After telling my close family it got out to a few others and they did the same thing, a million cynical questions. I don't mind answering questions about it but I don't like it when they mock me and act like I am wasting my time. This post is dead on.

    justina @ www.justinawho.blogspot.com

    This post really made my day =P

    I've already talked with some of my relatives about this "thing" (they call it like that =P) I'm doing, and as you can imagine, they don't get it :D

    A loser like me

  9. I recently let my parents into my blog life and oh god I regret it!
    The only reason I did this was so my dad would stop going on about how I waste my time on facebook all the time and do fuck all. Maybe I should actually start to learn some webdesign stuff or programming (considering I want to study computer sciences). I got so frustrated that I just said.. : Look dad, THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST YEAR. Does it look like I don't do f*ck all on this overpriced laptop that I bought?

    They were extremely proud of me, and then I had to proof read every single post I ever wrote just in case I wrote something that my parents wouldn't approve of or something that I don't want my parents finding out about. Thankfully I hadn't posted anything too edgy :D

    But I can perfectly relate to this post though :) I got a whole load of questions afterwards. I'm not planning on telling the rest of my relatives, don't even think they'd be interested in reading it either. They'd just be like "oh you write stuff about your life on the internet. that's cool I guess." and then they'll babble on about stuff they think is more interesting..

    Great post though :D and I absolutely love your blog design! :D
    Do you also code your blog by yourself ? Or is it mostly just the graphic design side that you do?

  10. I announced my blog to my entire facebook and nobody seems to care...lol. So much love...

  11. I only have told a few family members/friends about my blog. I am sure most of my family would think it was crazy and that I was wasting my time. I also, haven't told anyone where I work. I do not think my boss would like me having a blog. She doesn't like her employees to have Facebook pages. That's why I do not have a personal fb page.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  12. Haha, only my housemates and one of my friends know about my blog! I don't want all the questions.

    Corinne x

  13. LOL! This is such a fun post Aree! Love it. Not many of my relatives or friends discuss my blog. I really don't ask them as I do not want all the questions. One thing for sure I have met a lot of wonderful persons from around the world and they include you and Noor! Enjoy the rest of your day.

  14. It is so nice that your family talks about your blog with pride and interest. I always feel proud when any of my family members read my stuff. Narcissism..? Maybe, but what the hell!?

  15. I was just thinking today that none of my friends or family know that I blog! I think I like that it's a secret world from them!

    Btw, you are totally invited to my blanket fort! Xx

  16. love the toy story graphic that's how I feel when I visit relatives too funny stopping by from Sunday Sync hop lorraine at http://lorrainesresources.blogspot.com

  17. Lol this is was funny, you had me laughing over here. Love all your graphics!

  18. Haha it was inevitable for me. My family eventually learned about because there were packages arriving and I frequently ask my brother, sister or our helper to take my pictures. They tell our other relatives about it so I have to explain that it's a past time and I love writing. Plus I get to talk about fashion and books. Blah blah blah. The parentals would also mention about the sponsors and product reviews, and others will ask how do I get free stuff and all that. Umm. It's not the whole point why I post stuff. I can relate with the giveaway issue because I was also asked how I won some of the things I got from giveaways. LOL. It's really funny but in a way, I'm happy that they support me. My dad was so proud when he picked some of my packages and show it to his officemate mehehehe. It's embarrassing but I'll just look at it in a good light :)

    Style Reader


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