20 July 2013

Weekend - Where have you been?

I made my Friday worst with Rebbeca Black, you got it. Friday Friday. Someone heckled me to listen it, challenge accepted!

Points to be noted this week
I did something, HECK! How does thing thing look? It screwed up my hours.

Got a final notice from my mother, I can't be reckless anymore. My granny was ill but I truly forgot to ask her that how's she is doing now. It's my time to get scolded O.o Well, no doubt I'm feeling awkward, I should have remember it.

Recipe here
It's Ramadan and I'm loving them, they're called Pakoray. They're truly pinteresting. 
Nothing more to say, boo!

How's your weekend?


  1. I just loved this style IRL .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Ramadan! You are so strong to be doing that during the daylight... I love food so much but one of my best friends is doing it now too and he says by the end of the month you just feel so clean and good so its totally worth it!

    Good luck!!!


  3. My weekend is fun! :)


  4. Lol! I listened to "friday" on friday too! Very nice turban headband :-)

  5. Oooh...I've seen those headbands and wanted to try one. It looks great! Congrats on the success. =0)

  6. those look interestingly delicious! will have to check out that recipe! thanks for sharing!
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  7. Hey lady! I'm participating in the blog hop! The food I can't live without is peanut butter, I'm addicted! I hope it's ok I left it here I wasn't sure where else to leave it. :)


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