18 July 2013

Ways to ruin someone's photograph

People get evil, yes every time while someone's doing a victory pose.
I prefer to watch from a side when someone has better plans to ruin one's photograph, unless he tries this cheesy thing with me, grrr.

Though grannies & kiddos are pro in this section. Can't blame, they do it unintentionally! But it's still illegal & I'd call it photobombing in Urban Dictionary's words.

I'm sharing my treasure of knowledge on this topic, ready?

Be a proper photobomber
Just get into the photograph with this kind of face. Hell yeah, without invitation. We're smiling on your back, uncle! The confidence kills me. I won't dare to do something like this, of course when in comes to do in FRONT! People might fear.

Ask relatives to get into his/her photo
It's the end of your duty. Relatives know how to ruin it! Family gossips never end, I mean NEVER! Is this a global issue? Say this is!
Family photo fails
All alone posing? Nope, my uncle behind me is providing some support, thanks?

Kids are like, PRO!
Don't allow to sell balloons if I'm getting married someday! Or ban kids on stage, thoughts?
I hate hate hate when kids do this. Don't care if they don't understand how IMPORTANT is that to have good photographs. And their unintentional deeds couldn't be stand by me.

Tell them a lie
Take this as an evil thing. Tell them a lie and take a shot. You have done it! If they ask about looking pretty. Say hell yeah! 
DISCLAIMER: Do this to only two kind of people. Best friends or best foe! Don't try this on homies, they can easily reach, BOOM!
High five to my twin!

Surprise, Flash!
Secretly on the flash! And see what comes up. Right, an ugly, eyes closed photograph. Betray me by this act, I won't forget you! Not even you, mum! Flash's purpose totally failed on this point!

Well, leave all thing behind. I love this kid and I'll forget him even if he does a balloon pose on my wedding.

You have more suggestions? I'm hearing!


  1. I try my best not to photobomb photos but this one time during a concert, this couple decided to take a selfie and I was directly behind them... they used flash and I got to see the preview for a few seconds and I looked HORRENDOUS because I was mid sentence with a friend and flash photos looks really unflattering of me.

  2. LOL! This is a super fun post!!! =0)

  3. Photobombs make me laugh :) Thanks for sharing on Friday Funnies!

  4. Hahaha this is soooo funny! I hate it more when my mood is ruined because I'm forced to be in a photo shot!

    Sophisticated Lace

  5. great inspiration! love the first pic!
    sometimes its the photo bomber which makes the picture hahaha!

    thanks for sharing!

    I have been following you for a long time via bloglovin.
    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)

    let me know!


  6. hahahaha good piece Areeba! Joining your blog!

  7. that's exactly what I like

  8. Haha, this post is too cute and very true.

  9. We all at some point photobombers

  10. Ha, love this! The surprise flash always gets me.

  11. HAHA-- this is awesome. I've tried photobombing a few times but have never seen the fruits of my labor...only dirty looks in my direction. Probably cause I didn't know the people...

  12. Haha love your blog your post is so cute

  13. Love your sense of humor! You're too cute!


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