7 July 2013

That was a coca cola's war

From the last day before Summer Vacations & we said yaaay. We had a little sport's day plan but ended up on a some fun party. We had no food idea, so I stood up for some crisps & coke. Poor us, there was no sign of real food. Our plan became something that we'll try to become crazy for good. Sounds amazing, eh?

 With a destructive plan, we made our peon ran towards shop/canteen whatever it was to get some coke. He came with 2 coca cola bottles. Heck, there no sign of our Crazy for good plan.
That thing fucked up my mood. But there was still drink!
The real fun began. We all did our best to get the big swoop of drink. Sigh, there was only 2 & we were , like, millions? 10! Somebody said, coca cola's war starts , now!
I was like, 

I listened someone was singing that don't fear if you love, you didn't do a robbery, it's love. Duh, pretty impressive, we all were trying to get a sip of drink and he was preaching someone to do it in a right way. Bro , you fucking kidding me? 

 Sources say that I had the largest amount of drink. Bitch, how do you know. 
PS : I'm not denying doing this, just wondering how does he/she know?

All I can say is  
Sometimes food worth fight. War. Murder. 


  1. no coke war. I got to once again get off coke b/c it's causing me problems. I was off for 5 mths and got back on it and well i shouldnt have.

    Just wondering but where are you from?

  2. HAHAHAHA I laughed through this entire post! Food is always worth fighting for ;) And omg I love Kurkure.

    xo, Hima

  3. hello! I just followed you on bloglovin via grab a friend! Nice to meet you :)


  4. Hi! I just followed your blog by finding you via the grab a friend blog hop! Great blog and I am glad to have found it :) Take care

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  5. I would say that food is most def worth fight! At least in my house it is :)

  6. Food is always worth fighting over. And I love the how you added the pic of Paula Deen. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings


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