6 July 2013

Thanks God It's Saturday

Aree With Umbrella
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Finally, #askmesatz is here. You gotta answer a little question. Turn it more fun by using this hashtag on twitter. Woot!

-Write anything in your post, just add this question in your post and answer.
-Grab the pretty button rich with glitter, what else you'd want?
-Link up with me every Saturday (Don't worry, I'm always open for late peeps)
-Follow me so I'll be your best friend for your life.
-Read other people and laugh out loud.

Question: What does mirror say to you when you're standing in front of it?
(Psst, be honest)

My answer:  You're the most pretty girl alive but first brush your hair and you've a small nose, duh!

Now back to Noor's #weekbackup!
I should say Pictures of the week. First one is created my best friend, he thinks my future man should look like this. If I put more attention to this drawing, he's chubby, funny & Hey! He's a business man and of course he's rich, hah!
Second one is drawn by me for him. Though he doesn't like big eyes. So next time I'll have a Korean model with me!

I've hoped a lot in this week. Being hopeless is the worst thing so I'm up for new hopes!

Oh no, it's worse planning.
I'm out of plans & dates. I should remind myself to check planner. Bad planning ruins everything and I now know it. Sigh.

Nothing can beat veggies. I'm not a vegetarian but this week the whole family was on veggy food plan. It's summer so we're on the green diet. Yeppi!

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  1. i love this weeks saying , it is true , we all should fall , and we all should be strong enough to stand back up ,

    Come check out this week's guest post , you will love her & her style


  2. I just made an edit to my #weekbackup post to include #askmesatz! =0)
    Happy Saturday,

  3. I am a new follower via "Let's Get Social Sunday".
    Thank you for co-hosting!
    Have a great day :)
    Bismah @


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