10 July 2013

Mum, you fooled me again!

My & mum's relation is always up and down. She never agrees on publish on my blog. I've already told her that she'll be the international mum star if she's in spotlight. But she's still my mum, so no! A spark came to my mind.

You just fooled me. And I was going crazy
I hate injections. I just can't put up with a little needle going inside my skin.
Once upon a time ( Yeah I'm a 90's kid) I had fever , I could kill it with a tablet but as mum said I needed a visit to doctor. Yeah we did visit him. He said she needs somthing. I was wondering if the something is injection but mum assured me that injection is not that thing. Maybe a syrup. She left for drug store and the the nurse came to me , grabbed my hand, upped my sleeve and inject me that "something"

My camera is officially dead for me. It has lens errors, button issues and no zoom. Someone said it's okay but I get that it's dead. I need condolence.

I'm getting to know new lovely ladies in blogoshpere. And I'm feeling really blessed.

Finally getting back to business. I just completed some designing work and starting to rest on the couch.

This summer is not just a simple. It's Ramadan tomorrow so Happy fasting. I have yummy plans for food.

I'm happy to have my new sponsors. You'll meet them soon.

So, how's life?


  1. Oh my gosh you have the EXACT same feet as your momma! Fun!

  2. I love how you hilighted your mom! That is such a creative way to involve her :) Thanks for all Twitter support today during my technical saga. I'm enjoying getting to know you!

  3. Ramadan Kareem!
    Hope you enjoy the fasting time. We here in Australia have already begun :)


  4. Some of my family won't agree to have their photo debut on my blog either.


  5. I hate hate hate hate injections as well. My 2 younger sisters can cope with them, but I scream and cringe at the sight of a needle.
    However, my phobia is much better now and although I still hate injections, it takes less time for me to compose myself to get one :P

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  6. Happy Ramadhan and fasting dear :)


  7. Happy Ramadan! A lot of people where I work are fasting now too, I feel sorry for them because it is so so so so hot! I couldn't go without liquid, esp while working!

    Sorry to hear about your camera. RIP camera =)

    Corinne x

  8. hope u follow me back thanks :) nice blog

  9. I don't like injections but I am not too afraid of them. I have gotten several in recent times when I went to the dentist. I am sorry about your camera. I am trying to figure out some things with my digital camera that I have had for some time now and also trying to figure out how to use the camera on my smartphone! Have a good Thursday Aree!

  10. Amazing blog, i love it ! ;D


  11. When I first saw the photo, I thought it was you and Noor! Twin Feet! But no, it's you and your mum! I'm certain that your mother is a beautiful lady, inside and out. After all, you and Noor are lovely ladies yourselves and probably take after her.
    So sorry to hear about your camera! That's not good at all. =( I am just learning how to use my camera and once I have it all down, then maybe I can get a nice DSLR. My dream. A girl can dream, right?
    Happy Fasting for you, and I can't wait to meet your sponsors later.

  12. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your camera Areeba. LOL
    Happy Ramadan :)


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