12 July 2013

I was born to see Disney Stars - #Askmesatz

I'm not having my camera around and playing Bejeweled 3 for hours on Nokia, this thing is ruining my life, duh! I'm catching up with twitter trends so happy Malala day, a brave Pakistani girl who celebrated her 16 birthday with UN yesterday. I'm proud of you!
Let's #weekbackup with Noor.

Happy Rainy day
Though it seems like storm but I bet myself that it won't happen. Clouds are going somewhere else but they did some sprinkle over our town, yay! Thanks for stopping by! 
I was waiting for rain to come down. Sun was going mad of us, don't know why! Maybe he's having anger issues.

I was born to see & listen Disney stars. No matter how much they are changed and the amount of scandals of Miley is increasing every minute, but I still love her! Her twerking made her even more worst in parents sight but don't tell it to your mum.

Hello, can you her me?
Did a blate (Blog date) on Thursday over Skype. Honestly I said this line 100k times. That situation got me mad when I completed it more than 100k times, it hurt my tongue. But it was super fun as well. Though I forget to snap the photographs in the last as it is a rule but it ended up super awesome!
(If you want me to book for your blate, what're you waiting for?)

Iftar of course
The super hot chilly sauces and fried potato, om nom nom. I never knew that my aunt is much better than Mc Donald's. At least she is not asking for money but still giving such yummy food. Plus I fried crisps for everyone, cheers! I bet that they were best fried crisps ever!

My three million hundred dollars. 
What a security Paypal guys provided me? I'm hacked. I've contacted them and hope to get my money back. I can feel like getting poor. That was my money of hard work! A sweet cuss for the hacker!
I'll never forgive you!

Get back on #Askmesatz.
I'm going with too juicy question this week. You can reveal it here.

This week's question: Who is your strongest celebrity crush? Be honest with it!
Of course Ryan Gosling. I can never get bore of gawking over his photoshoots & memes. Hey Girl, you love him too? He deserves some more crushes.
When I saw him in Crazy Stupid Love, I reassured myself that he can get the girl!

Psst, he's a former Disney Star!

Join me!
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  1. Oh my , share your floral legging maybe? I wanna kill the person who did the "paypal" thing with you .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. well happy birthday. and I would never trust anyone with my money. bad experiences ruined that for me. and i dang sure wouldnt trust a pay pal deal esp if something is fishy about it. sorry you went thru that. hope they refund you the money and get that guy for taking it.

    I like Ryan Gosling too and lately Emmet from Twilight and Alcide from True Blood.

  3. I was going to wait until tomorrow to post my #AskMeSatz and #WeekBackup, but I saw you and Noor already posted, so I just published mine too!
    Will be tweeting tomorrow. =0)

    1. PS - I didn't know Ryan was a Disney star?!?! What did he play in?

  4. Oh my God, how was your pay pal hacked?! THAT SUCKS!!
    P.S I loooooove Ryan Gosling!

  5. OMG! So sad to hear that your paypal was hacked :( I hope you'll get your money back. And oh, Ryan Gosling so handsome there!

    PS. Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  6. I am so sorry about your money! That stinks! Ps though i am married Ryan Gosling is good to look at :) ha glad you had a good week!

  7. I like Disney stars and music too! :)
    Sorry about the Paypal issue. Hope you get it resolved soon!
    How are you dear? Hope you're doing fine.
    With me, well I'm ok now and got out of the hospital already so I can now check you guys back online.

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    Happy weekend!

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