12 July 2013

I don't give a potato about this

My blog readership is going in senior citizens hands soon. Granny would like to read. You're gonna dig good words here. Phrases from heaven would rule. Didn't you get that from my title?

Today is kind of crappy day for me. I'm out of my mind. Somebody hacked my Paypal. All of my money is gone far far away! I felt so bad but mum says everything happens for good. I can't see a good reason losing my 300$ (Okay it was 290.88$). So now I seem to not giving a potato about losing my million hundred dollars!

I've still lot of work to be done in my design studio. Though today , after iftar I'm going to eat like mad woman. I'm planning of launching pre-made designs. For those who can't afford a big boom of 60$ OR 100$ go pro stuff. It will cost 40$ only. In blog design studio soon. Here's a sneak peak!

You all are invited for tomorrow,  #askmesatz is going live again. I'll ask something more fun like I did a week before. If you have any suggestions, TELL MEEE. Or simply email me.

Aree With Umbrella

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  1. I'd be SO mad about the Paypal thing too. Almost $300 is still almost $300!

  2. Err , don't give a potato about it . I'm sure it will be better , I am betting it will girlie!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. Sorry about your money! That is CRAZY! Are they going to get it back for you??
    I LOVE those designs! I am still trying to figure out what I want to buy with my giveaway winnings!

  4. That's terrible that it happened to you. Did you report it to Paypal?


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