27 July 2013

Free Drinks & Free cards {Giveaway}

Happy birthday to me & my twin in advance. We are prepared and you're invited!

First comes the invitation, doesn't it?

You'd be wondering that where did I get these pretty customized invitation cards? It was all done by PaperShaker. These guys are ah-mazing! I did almost nothing except of arranging my favourites photographs to design the cards layout. Pip-pip, it was done! Cards to home in 3-4 days.
(My local post office sucks, I got my parcel stuck there for 2 days)

Some formal information. They started their site just a few months ago and I must say they'd totally rule when they say 
"Your memories are one of a kind, so we provide the means for you to celebrate and keep your happiest moments in a style individual to you."
My heart melts.

They're pro in doing their business. Currently providing birth announcement cards - announcements - baby thank you cards - wedding invitations - wedding thank you cards & party invitations! I'm looking forward to see what comes up in Stationary section which is COMING SOON! I know, you know, we all love stationary, woot! 

Why you should choose them?
Lemme explain
Their designs are designed by 22 skilled designers with 30 years experience to work with well known brands. Hallmark, you know!
They are PHOTOBOX family. Tres Belle!
I'm telling you that your grandfather/dad/cat/dog will fall in love with the output of cards. My grandpa did!

Cinnamon loves it too! Asking my friends to get a card and join the birthday!

What? No wine. Milkshakes?
16 August is my B'DAY! Or should I say our birthday? Noor!
Before the end, take a card for your own selfie!
PaperShaker is giving away 2 cards pack for one lucky reader. Geez, enter now!

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  1. Yeppi !!
    Me on cards?? And you say I'm not famous? shucks!

  2. happy birthday.....looks like a great giveaway. happy super Sunday Sync


  3. I'm visiting today from Super Sunday sync and all entered in the contest. Thanks for hosting (both).

  4. Awesome invites! Very funky.. gosh I can't remember when last I received an invitation anywhere other than on flippen facebook hahaha it is sad really. I hope you're friends all see what an awesome effort you went to! They must scrap book it ;)

    Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin x


  5. Yay! Happy soon to be birthday to you both!!

  6. Awesome cards!! :)
    Happy birthday!!

    Lucia Gallego Blog

  7. Ohh they are soooo pretty!
    Also, Cinnamon is adorable, where did you get her from?!

  8. Oh thank you for letting me know about being a no-reply blogger - I've fixed it, I think!

  9. what a cool site! i love the cards. your invitations are fab. happy bday to you and your sis!!!



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