17 July 2013

10 reasons you should leave for Disneyland

You were grown up listening to Cinderella's story, weren't you?
Hey girl, me & Noor too!
Considering myself a sleeping beauty (I'm sleeping for 11 hours daily) and you could be my favourite Cinderella (Cath, it's for you) . Make sure you don't leave your sandal on my stairs.

Sleeping Beauty

Things I loved in childhood were from Disney, the princess dresses, perfumes bottles of shoe shape, Cinderella's stickers and DVDs. Why I'm still here? I should have visited Disneyland once.
Though Hannah Montana ruined my time. Geez, I was a BIG BIG BIG fan. I remember all funny lines from my favourite episodes! Nah I still don't twerk.

Do you heart Disney as well? Let's check.
Cheriese , I know you do ;)

Never tired of buying Disney accessories

Minnie Mouse Balloon

The inner talent bursts out in this shape 
Nemo drawing
Yeah I'm glad that you found what's missing in this picture. Pardon.

Favourites in magnets

My fridge has Hannah, not Miley.

You know the dialog 
I can't forget this line Miley said to Oliver's first date.
No matter you learnt it from the show or bought the book to see. 

The stationary part

Collecting these kinda items for years?

Spend 5$ on books you know are useless
Though you know you have no right no write down your secrets now. You'd be a fool if you do.

Feeling like a free-spirit while watching her
No need to be red headed, you still can do things like her. It's legal to brush your hair with fork. Only Disney girls will get it!

I've more than 4000 stickers belong to Disney, hell yeah!

You've got a Disney girl's talent!
No matter if it is just sleeping, yay!

You can't hate anything

Not even Miley!

Now book a ticket if you approve everything above. TAKE ME WITH YOU!

DISCLAIMER: All photographs are mine. I've collected all this stuff with great hard work during all these years.


  1. LOL This is cute, I love Disney too and I don't care if I am in my 20's. I grew up watching all the Disney movies and I still love them! They are cute and funny and perfect to watch with the family when you don't feel like watching all the violence that is in other movies.

    Ps. There are some very flattering styles of maxi dresses which don't hug the body and show off everything so don't give them up just yet!


  2. This really is cute! I too love Disney World (except for the long lines). Want to take my son there some day!

  3. Really needed to dump Becca , wooosh . I am still a HM fan , not twerk's !
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. I've never been to Disney! Terrible, I know...

  5. Oh how I would love to visit Disneyland but being in a different country not that easy maybe one day I will get there but I am not holding my breath

  6. You really do love all things Disney! I love Disney movies too. I need to remember to buy The Little Mermaid when it comes out of the vault this year. My favourite Disney movie as a little girl was Cinderella. My sister's was The Little Mermaid and my brother loved Peter Pan. What was your favourite Disney movie?!.. if you can choose you little Disney Addict you..

  7. Ah!! This is awesome. The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Best are my faves...as to Miley...sigh.

  8. Oh Life of Whimsy.. THANK YOU for reminding me.. As I grew older Beauty and the Beast was soooo my favourite. I loved Belle because she had brown hair like me and LOVED to read. My kind of girl;)

  9. I went to Disneyland when I was really young & went to Disney World for the first time at the end of May. Oh My God I LOVED it, I am 21 years old & I was just as excited as the little kids! They even have a section for 'grown up' non cheesy disney clothes, & I picked up a Minnie Mouse bow top, & a Snow White sweater. Tinkerbell will always be my favorite though!


  10. I love Disney, and so does my whole family. Hopefully we'll be able to visit Disneyland next summer. =0)
    PS - GREAT collection you have!

    I really want a Minnie balloon! Annnnnd allll those stickers, wow!!
    I'm going to Disney on Ice tomorrow, OMG I CAN'T WAIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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