15 June 2013

You gotta reveal it

The worst best thing in my life is crushing on celebs living far far away from my home ground. It is of no pity, girl just wants to have fun. 
After Hollywood, it comes to a boxing ring. Without going in depth, he's here in my post. Amir Khan is my sport man crush.
He is British Pakistani. Gosh, firstly Pakistani and secondly British, time to drop on floor. Sadly, he got married last date of May, *sigh*
No worry, I am still crushing.

Heck, we had a chapter about his life & career in our grade 8th's English's textbook. It wasn't fair. Our girl section never got interested in that chapter but I was the one to gawk at the little sketch or him. 

Aar, I never feel happy whenever he gets a crappy punch. The bad thing about crushing a boxer is that you have to see him while he is having tough time aka he is getting punches and kicks and you can't do anything except of jumping from your place, giving cusses to the opponent and after he has won, you feel cheery inside. Gosh, it's never easy!

While linking up with Sarah, I think I revealed another crush of me again.

Venus Trapped in Mars
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  1. He is cool.. Yes we girl just have a fun for adore somuch handsome boy :D
    I love Robert Pattinson Somuchhhhh Crazy !!!!!


  2. haha cute post! I think he is cute, I didn't know he got married!!

  3. Very cute! I can see why you would have a crush!

  4. I had never heard of him! He's cute.

  5. Oh he is good looking!!!!! I might have a crush now too!


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