21 June 2013

Worse Cheerleading ever!

It's a story of some girls, they never cheered someone up during a football match, they still regret their attempt to cheer them up. Do they really?

High school, our class made the worst decision ever. A battle , football!
Our class VS Seniors. Bam , it was supposed to be something awesome but the girl section didn't show any excitement. I had to be the first to cheer them , MY BEST FRIEND WAS CAPTAIN!
For the sake of friendship & respect, all of us were ready to sponsor our cheer leading for our team. Though we knew it will be the worst match ever , we had no football ground booked, but they said we had patio! What the heck?

With no costumes on, THEY GAVE NO POM POMS. Not even a water bottle for us. You can slaute us for doing it for free-free for them. At least my best friend was going to play. I never told him but I already knew they are not going to win. Sigh!
Look they are not losers., it was a tie. I still think it could be much better. It was a tie because no one did a goal. Duh!

Some shots you're going to enjoy.

We were team Red.

Here come my bestie. With glasses to football match!

 You can think it was a professional shot until you see the video. He didn't know what happened to ball after his classic kick? Naaayyy kidding!
See the video in the last ;)

There was no sign of group team photo. So after our bad-day , we just put together some fun pictures to remove the dolour we just gained. I'm glad I didn't paint my nails red -_-

 If you have 12 seconds that you're going to waste anywhere else, I strongly recommend to see the video.
Our shouts of Go Red and His Kick.

Venus Trapped in Mars
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