6 June 2013

Why you shouldn't choose dare between truth & dare

You know summer is showing up and I am ready to hit the popsicle! Before my summer vacations from school , we are having Fun Week for students. It's kinda mix with sport, speeches the boring part, some celebrations & fun. No I am not excited. Last year I had the worst pictures for the group photo. So naturally,  I had deleted it but others still own that one. I have this cute photo of our sandals. But I have some other aims to do in that week. Party on 8 June! Yay it's best friends day! Be sure to wish yours!

So come back to the title, I want you to be clear with this one. I've had hard tough time with my dares. My cousins and friends are evil when they come to give dare-to-do.
Back in years, I still remember it was summer , we played truth or dare and unfortunately I chose dare. What else, I was given a task to do a little folk dance in the front of all  uncles and aunts sitting in our living, seriously talking about crisis in country. You don't say,kidding me? No one would love this kinda entertainment while having such important discussion and I wasn't Kim Kardashian to gain attention by doing stupidity! But gal I had to done this and I did.
Unfortunately, I do what I say and always pay much higher than I think!
They kicked me outta room.
It's not completed, you should have more examples.
I'd smile like this if I am giving someone curse dare! Yayayaya it's a devil expression!
If they say imitate someone , make sure the person you are going to imitate lives 1000 km away from your house. Do not try this at school if the person is a teacher or in office is the person in boss!
You guessed , right?
In short, I was caught red handed by my teacher for imitating her. It was so mind of her that she didn't mind. Instead of this, she asked that does she really look that horrible while scolding us? I had no other choice except of smiling at her and giving cuss to the day & friends!

Be careful with your dares unless you have innocent-kind-of friends.

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  1. So cute feet and ofcourse the sandals. <3


  2. the pics of the sandals is so nice, I have a similar one with my friends :)


  3. I thought it was a footwear ad! :)


  4. Awesome post, my dear.

    Lots of love,



  5. This made me laugh! I remember doing similar things and getting into trouble at school - ha! I was always the one to be caught! New follower from Grab a Friend, thanks for hosting! You can find my blog here:


    if you wanted to stop by. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. be careful on whatever your truth to reveal or dare you plan for. that's right. haha!


  7. haha, I would always pick truth!

  8. Haha- I so remember doing something similar when I was young!!! Very cute post!

  9. Ps- I want all of those sandals!


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