20 June 2013

That was a mermaid tale, exactly!

June, thanks bro for being such wonderful month so far.
Though pre monsoon just conned us. No more clouds and it's madly hot outside. Maybe sun has some emotional stress OR it is finally the real face of summer.
Instead of being wonderful, it was just a bit  pretty much different in an awesome way.
One thing I gotta write,

 I am in a pretty weird & funny mood, mum too. Let me get it into this post

Would you rather
Go ask me that what would I rather, Ryan Gosling or Amir Khan? Me : Zac Efron! After all he is my first Disney crush and some lovely ladies told me that I kinda look like Vanessa Hudgens. Yay!

Just like your brother
Where you can image your mother's thoughts whenever you are showing her the google images search about an almost new celebrity crush? When I showed her a search result about Zayn Malik, she said she wishes she had a son like him. Yay, I thought but I was properly wrong. Why?
If she had a son like him, her daughters would never think about having a celebrity crush on persons like him. What a funny excuse!

That was a mermaid tale, exactly!
Last night (very late night, around 2) we were up on a decision to see a Barbie movie. You gotta believe this, big girls still love Barbie. In the end, it felt like I was drunk, Yeah, I could see 4 Barbies instead of 2. Don't know what happened in the last when she was having final surfing competition. No problem, I'll Google it!

Just a new Blog Design
I'm done with Justine's blog. I fell in love with the first look that came up. Yeaa, she is such lovely person and never complains a thing. Gal, it was nice having you for many days!
Just a Shout Out for myself. Come , I want to design you blog

Not the Last Thing
Today I'm on Gayle's blog, saying about my little story of suffering Perioral Dermatitis. If you have 3 minutes extra, you can spend them there. I swear it won't take more than 3. Try!

Last Thing
It's a summer vacation era almost everywhere. I need some bloggers lovelies to arrange some blog hops, contribute in group giveaways and ideas to share with each other to have some fun around. It's getting bit boring to do nothing , just post loads of stuff.  If you'd like to contribute some ideas and in giveaway , just fill the form!

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  1. Your never to old for something you love ;) x

  2. I love Barbie, I've saved all my old Barbies for alannah :-)
    Your so talented :-)
    Leila xx
    www.justleilajoycey.blog spot.co.uk

  3. I love the blog design super cute and girly!

  4. love the gif. animated of penny of big bang theory series ^^

    ★ Vendy ★
    NEW POST!!!
    follow me on:
    The simple life of rich people BLOG

  5. Thanks girl, I loved working with you and I love how it turned out!!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by GlamoruMash! It was great to hear from you and I am loving the new blog design! It's so YOU!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  7. you do look a bit like vanessa hudgen! =D

  8. That blog design is beautiful, great work!

  9. I think you look like Vanessa Hudgen's too! super cute blog by the way.
    come and say hello :)


  10. Hi Aree,
    Hope you're having a good summer, we are finally getting some nice weather. I have been so bad lately with blogging :( Just really busy, hopefully I'll get something going here, soon! Take care!


  11. Fun blog design! Nice work.

  12. Ha ha your mom's excuse sure is funny :) Thanks for linking up for Friday Funnies!



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