12 June 2013

That pencil is mine

The Freshman year
High schools are much fun on television than the reality. You agree, duh? My personal experience is that I never saw any Zac Efron in my high school classes. Neither an unfabulous girl like Emma or a fun boy band like Big time rush. It's simply a matter of  Pens Pencils & Papers, Battle of seats, Murder of students by Science and Maths, Teen issues, Memories and Soft drinks after school times.
You gotta believe you can bring only three things from high school, a degree, an awkward group photo and good memories . You are gonna trash the bad memories away, for sure!

Let me share some high schools rule of our girl group with you :

This Pencil is mine
Though high schoolians use pens commonly but pencil is still not useless. You cannot keep someone's pencil for too long. If you have similar pencil with another girl, you gotta mark it with your name. Else this pencil is mine and you are left with no pencil.

If you do not cheat, you gotta leave her cheat
This one is not-fair term & I accept it. But girls helping girls in hard times. If girl sitting next to you is cheating with her book opened , you can not complain to teacher if you are doing your business in pretty clean way. Let it be dirty for her or you will be in trouble next time.

Crush, we will help
Love can bear everything. But aar, it's a crush matter. If you are with a strong girl group , nay you are in right safe & hands with you matter. Let us help to increase your conversations with him! Butterflies! Plus we will investigate everything about him.

No more football hitting
If the boy group dare to hit our badminton player with their high kick, they gotta pay much higher. No excuses are accepted at all!
Wondering what is this white thing? It was a fat kid lol.

Foodcourt support
If you are in the first of the row. Don't buy stuff for yourself only, remember your lovelies too. You know, who can wait for food? You will have comfort next time as thank you.

If you have a bad click
No matter if you look so cute in your picture but if other girl doesn't look good , you gotta delete it without any explainations.

Stalkers , die
If we know you are a stalker of our facebook accounts and spreading our news all over the school, you die. Where you think you can go baby?

Our seats are OURS
Please kid, don't try to change our seats. From front to back or back to front, we can arrange World War 3 on it.

Now something awkward Time for a group photo

Don't let me lie. We all were just ,so ,weird at that time! 
Now when I see my pretty self , yay I am glad I am not one from the old pictures. Yes , I unclaimed my photographs!

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  2. Great post Aree!



  3. Aree, your post is very interesting. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for sharing. :D

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    1. thank you so much for your nice comment :)

  5. That's a great set of rules, I agree with the one about deleting a photo if one of you don't like it =)

    Corinne x

  6. I love badminton! Soon maybe we'll get a net for our back yard so we can play all the time.

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  8. so so sooo true. all of it. I'm still in high school and I feel ya girl.

    Love your blog by the way! :)

    <3 your newest follower :)
    Ellie @
    Serendipitous Whimsicality

  9. Such a fun, fun post! I love it. I really laughed when underneath the picture you asked what was that white thing...A fat kid, you reveal - LOL. I wonder if he knew he was in that photo?

  10. Some things never change! I have been out of school since '91! Yeah, I know...same thing still though, especially on a school bus, higher grade kids always sit in the back of the bus, no matter if they've been bad or not, and will tell younger kids to move! Good post!


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