24 June 2013

Nice Post

"Nice post, wanna follow each other?"
No , no , no and I mean it. Now shoo, shoo!
After Sarah's post, I'm so up for a comment revolution. No more Nice Post & Nice commentators! Yes I'm a badass!
The biggest blogging pet peeve at the moment. Now it's an official appeal not to do this anymore. I had planned to create a hashtag of #NoMoreNicePosts but of course I didn't. But now I dare to post it on Twitter, bravo!
So, if you haven't experienced this Nice Post attack, ARE YOU NEW HERE? 

You write about your bad-day post and end up getting comments like "Sweety, nice post. Wanna follow each other?" It will surely be a cardiac arrest, where was the nice part, bitch?

I had conversation with Natasha on this topic and she said someone commented something like this on her bad day post and she was like, "I'm going to scratch her face."

Maybe it's a blogging manner or something. But be sure to respect the content above. I wrote a post about my jinxed Monday and ended up with a comment " Hi, such fun post and photos, want to follow each other?" I was going to bang my head to the  pillow wall. I was confused that where did she find fun? Witch, I can't bear jinxed things!
It's just something very awkward if you're serious about your post. Of course you sometimes get personal with your readers for some advice or help, but it would really bug if you get Nice Post comments instead of an advice.

I'm going to do this if I ever found her who commented this thing on my blog! Shameless.
It's not like we all don't want to meet new people or make new friends. But it all should be in a good and positive way. You will gain fake followers but not readers through this. First read it, if you like it then comment. Be polite and nice in the blogsphere.
Thank you very much!

PS : I'll be group giveaway for summer soon. It could be anything for anyone from my lovelies. If you'd like to join us, I'll reserve a spot for you. Just fill this form.

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  1. LMAO! Everyone calls me Natasha! HAHA!!

    You should see the recent post I just did about that girl being murdered and how upsetting it was... someone leaves a comment requesting a follow. What a dick!

  2. Haha! This is so true and I absolutely hate it! But there was a slightly awkward moment when I wanted to write nice post. Not asking for a follow back however!

  3. I can relate to this...I HATE it! I want to be like dont even come to my blog and post a comment if ur not gonna read it!!

  4. that is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves in the blogging world :P
    it's like "oh, you obviously didn't read my post, so stop spamming me."

    ummm...i have a new commenting system that allows you to edit comments,
    so sometimes when i get those "follow me, follow you?" i delete that part
    from the comment lol.

  5. Nice post. Wanna-

    Just kidding! I really hate when that happens too. My rule is if you take the time to read the whole thing, you better leave a good comment. I love your GIFS too!


  6. Agreed. I don't mind following people, but they should at least read the post their commenting on.

  7. Oh, I know what you mean, it's kind of annoying. I want to say, why was it nice?

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  8. Nice post, wanna follow each other? Lol just kidding, just kidding! Please don't kill me :)But I agree with you, most of the time you can tell if someone is really reading your content or just trying to gain "ghost" followers. I call them ghost because few people comment on my new content yet I have "followers" >.>

    xoxo -B ♡

  9. yes it was a very depressing drive home from our friends house last night... :(

  10. Haha! This is so true! One person has left me multiple comments on my blog asking for me to follow her! I hate it! Let's all go on a milkshake throwing stampede on these ignorant commenters! Jk, jk.




  11. The worst is, "Hi, I really like your blog. If you follow me, then I'll follow you. Let me know if you are interested. :)." It's like, really? You couldn't just follow me first? I thought you liked my blog! I don't know, I guess I just find that a little insulting. Sorry about my little rant, haha.

    And I'm now following you via GFC. Thanks for hosting the Grab a Friend blog hop!


    1. I agree! It's like some people just follow you, so they get a follow back. Do they realise how much time the blogger took to write the post, and how excited they are when they get a comment? But all it says is "Nice Post!"


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