19 June 2013

It's an old story

No, I am not a nerd anymore. It's an oldie I still keep to remember my old self having glasses and eating Mc Donald's. Yeah the yummy days. Back days when the big big frames were popular. I've loved them but now I think they were properly weird in a manner. Anyway, I love this click so much.

I had glasses , yes I accept that. But I still love them. While blogging hours & hours, they are my best friend. It's a friendly advice to keep wear them during computer work. 
Year 2011, I couldn't see clear so I had them for 3 months.
Year 2012, I had computer Science as main subject, I had to had them.
Year 2013, "Mum, they are in fashion."
You know, you can't compromise then! I've ordered a new pair of glasses and they might be reaching my home soon. Hope before the vacations end. Wait sucks!

As a blogger perk, I had an amazing offer in my inbox to introduce a glasses company to my readers. You may know them before this post. Drums roll,

They have amazing collection of every type of eye glasses. Do not worry about the name, they ship worldwide. If you are searching for eyeglasses online, make sure to visit them. It is always fun to buy glasses online but make sure to try them virtually. Yes, they offer their virtual mirror to the customers to first try and then buy.

If you make your mind to buy from them, they are giving discount to my readers, Use code : Blog10 for 10% discount on any order. Enjoy!
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  1. love the first pics is so cute

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  2. I still [and always will] love the geeky look! I think it's awesome. =0)
    I really like the new glasses too. You look great. That Try-It Mirror is fun!

  3. Love the glasses on you, oooo I love Mac Donald's :-)
    I also wear glasses on computer :-)
    Leila xx

  4. Oh, I should use this. I'm a glasses wearer myself. Thanks for the discount!! Also, thanks for hosting the blog hop :)


  5. I love glasses! and yours look super cute :)

  6. I love you in glasses! The big big ones especially ;)
    I wish I looked that good in specs!

  7. Since blogging and having 2 babies I have noticed my eyes are getting blurry :( I need to make an eye apt soon :)

  8. You look great in glasses Aree! I have been wearing glasses from 2008. Very soon I will have to get new glasses. I prefer small frames.


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