28 June 2013

He did it again

No matter they call me a bad sport watcher, I can cry over a game if my team loses. I can feel I wasn't doing honest cheer leading on my couch. CRICKET, my sports love!
By understand the signs that umpire make, you shouldn't listen my cuss for him. Holy crap, captain ex-captain is out! Hafeez is going back to seats. He is the best spinner & batsman both!
From team Pakistan, he is former captain. I had used a hashtag for him on facebook in December. Gosh Mark Zuckerberg stole idea from me?

Team Pakistan VS South Africa . Hafeez VS Steyn, the epic battle on the cricket pitch.  They both always come against each other again & again & again. 

Something sarcastic!

Will it be fun if I make a Fan Friday post on Sports men who suck & end up with Dale Steyn?

Though one time with Austrailia , Hafeez did his century! Yay ,but no yay! The green team lost. Whatever if you've completed 100 but the team is still losing. 1 run for 5. Go home Captain!
Though it was a little sarcastic, winning doesn't matter sometimes. No I ain't a typical fangirl!

Again his century  & I'm pretty sure we're losing!
And we did! Hurrah!

Venus Trapped in Mars

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