22 June 2013

Because you don't live in a reality TV show

Slow violin when you see your crush & the wild wind suddenly blows your hair. Ah what a romantic draw!
But sweety this doesn't happen in your real life.

No background music
It's a fair truth that there's nothing like this in your real life. The biggest con! If I could ask one impossible thing from God, it'd be the free background music for all. So you can enjoy your violin music.

The Life In General
Craps happen very often. Sadly, the wind never blows my hair, they are always tied in a messy braid. No perfume walks. No one lifts my fallen journals & notebooks, sigh.

Keeping up with Siddiques
Neither of my family member is interested in making money by family drama, so be hopeless for "Keeping up with Siddiques." But I wonder who's going to be the Kim Kardashian (Count me out) if this happens lately? Mama of Two Directions baby!

I need a mean girl
Once I thought of becoming one but Karma came to me. I have some mean girls around but I WANT A REAL MEAN GIRL! Even being a typical good girl like you see on tv, I never met such mean girl whp collides with me intentionally, ruins my party & tells me that her father has much money than mines, duh poor me.

No VIP service
Look if you're in danger, an ugly truth that no one is coming/going/tending to save ya on helicopter. Say thanks to Lord if you even get a vespa!

Do you have any other thing that might be added in my list or I just skipped it? 

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  1. LOL - another fun post, Areeba!!! =0)
    Imagine if we could choose our background music and have it play...Next time I think of that, I will think of this post of yours.

  2. So funny Aree! But it's reality! Nice snipes at such! Hehe. Maybe not a reality show for you ... hmmm, you want a beauty show? It'll be cool :)

    Keep in touch dear!
    Happy weekend! (^_~)v

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  3. Thanks for visiting. Have a lovely Sunday :)

  4. omg, is it sad that I actually think about this sort of thing often? XD love it!

  5. Lol I always say I wish I could have background music and/or I hope when i die there's a montage of the greatest moments of my life set to music!!

  6. Love your gifs! Hahah, so funny :)

  7. Don't worry the wind never romantically blows through my hair, either. It only ends up getting tangled - not cute :)

  8. I always have what the Mister refers to affectionately as rat balls in my hair, no wind gently blowing it to create the perfect hair day for me :) Some days I swear I have background music playing, but then I realize that it's just me humming to myself to tune out the dumbness happening around me. Like background music, but different.

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