9 June 2013

9 reasons why

Do not lost in the title, let me complete it first. 9 reasons why I love summer style & beauty. Gosh , I am glad emerald, teal & turquoise are ruling the style and trends. I never liked Tangerine Tango -_-

You are free! 
No layers of cardigans or knitted sweater by granny. Lace tops and sheer skirts, yay!

Colours , Cheers
Summer colours are the best things that you can have in trends. No one can't easily live without a summer colour in vacations ;)

Summer nails,
Pastels, greens & blues! Lufff it!

Pair love with white
You can pair your white tees & shirts with bright shades to rock! I have decided to go white this summer.

This set is my inspiration to get-the-look. I am currently pairing pink & white with bit of teal. It's a girly thing. Have a sneak peek.

Fruity scents!
Would you rather cherry or lime?

Mint , everywhere
If you'd ask yourself to dress in mint, let me bet you that you are going to Yes Yes & Yes! I was lusting over a mint bag and unfortunately it's out of stock, pathos?

Young hearts, tribal souls
I am fan of tribal jewellery and outfits. Polyvore was kind enough to provide me with all desired items to make such wonderful set. Mum has some amazing tribal style jewellery and I'd love to  steal borrow!
here are those lovely pieces!
Showers, yay!
My current crush is Lux shower gel. You can't get enough of it. It's fresh and makes you feel much lighter. Plus, it's fun to have little glitter in it!

Let's tick one more thing in your summer list. It's summer hair. Be sure to up for braids.

Cheers for a sunny summer day!

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  1. Wow! You have certainly featured a variety of beautiful things here Aree! I love the colours. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. The floral nails and braids with flowers are so pretty!

  3. cute nails! I love turquoise too <3


  4. I am loving the colors trending now too! Especially because I love blues. =0)
    That braid is really pretty.

  5. These set inspirations are cool, Aree! Love them! The minty feel, the pink! Great! :) It's a great season!

    Been busy lately with my work lah~ Sorry I just visited again now.
    Missed reading your posts dear! (^_^)

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    Keep in touch dear!

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  6. This is a lovely post, Areeba! I love the nails! The pink, white and teal outfit you put together is so stylish!
    Taylor xxx


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