2 June 2013

7 stages of irritation

If this title doesn't explain, I will! Last days , I have figured out something or more than some, that irritates me, makes my face red and I feel exhausted. I was so lazy forgot to write it down and post it on Saturday as it was planned. Let's count if they are total 7.

The early stage starts with 6:30 am alarm on weekends. There's nothing worse than that, agree? Who would be on breakfast table that early? It's never my plan but it's always a mistake to forget to turn it off on Friday night.

Repeated songs or flopped songs, both pinches. Whenever my van's driver plays folk songs or songs taken from early 80's, we all people fall asleep one after one. Result would be nothing but awkward hair position after reaching the school.

You are so sweet
We all have enemies, you gotta accept this today. What would you expect when they call you sweet or honey? Trouble! I never adore it when they smile at me and say Good day, I know it never actually mean good day.

No time to brush
When it's no weekend, it's Monday. No time to brush either hair or teeth. What do think it looks like? I am an ugly, creepy one with weird hair and yellow teeth. Yukh! Let's do a freaky yell. There's no need to explain that why it wouldn't bug.

Mid Day sleeps , when they are over with coercion
Why you hate it? My family members are like villain while I am sleeping in the middle of the day. Let me bet that they can do anything just to ruin it. Songs, especially folk songs, whistles and I think I don't need to explain further.

still counting? They are still 5.

Let me have some peace
I have my best friends. They are not always amazing, include Noor in it. In my extra classes, while other like to gossip around or paper planes are trying to  fly, I fall asleep. And they all probably don't like it. Why probably? It's a sure factor.

The last and final thing that always irritate hurts is when I make a post on night and it has no comment next day. It's a bloggy thing. You gotta feel this way.

PS: Here's my new blog design. On summer theme, I am loving it.

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  1. Such a fun post !!!


  2. Love the new blog design! And I totally hate being woken from naps! Totally sucks :(

  3. I do not like the hear the alarm early some mornings but luckily most times I wake before the alarm!:) That first moving picture really made me smile. You are so right, life certainly comes with its irritations. Anyway have a good Monday.

  4. Wow! Nice choice of moving pics! :) and nice blog too!


  5. I have off on the weekends/summer, my 19yr. old still has to work! Every morning his stupid alarm goes off at 530am! And it's loud! Ugghhh...

  6. Giggle, that top photo is so adorably funny. Kisses, darling.


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