5 June 2013

10 things you shouldn't know about me

When I meet new people, they think I am gentle. When we become friends , they think I am funny. When we become best friends,  yaaay they know I am crazy!
Sometimes I have secrets even to blog lovelies. Yes I know it isn't fair because we bloggers share everything, I mean it,  to our readers that we can't even share to our close friends. Do you find this fact weird about bloggers?

1) I am bad at keeping secrets.
2) I have a very bad habit of nail biting. Ashamed  
3) My grandpa never drinks the tea that I make. I swear I do my best for his cup.
4) I rarely polish my school shoes. If they are too worst so I clean them with a tissue. Issue?
5) My kohl always melts out of my eyes.Then I look like a troll.

6) I never know how to strike a pose for a picture. 

7) I am truly truly obsessed with food. I've visited everyone who sells yummy food in Karachi. It's not your average obsession for food!
8) I loose my temper in seconds. But you don't need to worry, we are blogging fellows ;)
9) I have slapped many peeps. They had deserved it!

10) I have a huge huge crush on Ryan Gosling. -Surrendered-

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  1. Oh god , believe me I love Ryan Gosling more than anyone {you too} .

  2. i share with you the food obsession thingy , but you shouldn't be ashamed of eating , it is the best thing to do for relaxation & temporary happiness LOL

    Wanna come by my blog & check my beauty box review ?


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  3. This is so cute, I think I must post something with the same topic. Btw, came here from Grab A Friend blog hop. Finally, joined a blog hop again after long time. :)


  4. I still bite my nails and I have to stop because is learning all my bad habits too.

    you look wonderful even in that pose :)

  5. Ha, totally agree with you on Ryan Gosling! He is adorable:) xoxo

  6. you've slapped too many people?? lol! you're hilarious :D

  7. Haha! I love this! I'm also slightly jealous because I've never slapped anyone! I think I'm adding that to my bucket list!


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