29 June 2013

You caught me red braided + Giveaway

Backing up my week with Noor via #Weekbackup.
Both of me and noori were struggling for hashtags for our newly blogger programs. Noori ended up with #Weekbackup and it's going live today. I'm sponsoring in this little project haha. Then I was in the middle of nowhere to get a little hashtag. We both had tough time for a new hashtag and it came up! Yay, it'll be a new small bloggy thing for you all. It's #askmesatz. Can you imagine one twin with hashtag and other with no hashtag? 

 Back up your week with Noor Today!

Thanks to , aar I don't know who took this and how? But my braid was caught messy, dirty & oily via a Nokia. Now I'm awarding this PICTURE OF THE WEEK.

There's no rule or law to stop bragging. Glad we all brag and do you feel bad? Nayyyyyyyyyy, brag how much you love!

What were you think? It's summer and it's summer's fuel. Ice cream!!

Again a bad shot from Nokia. This ring was gifted by mum in 2011. It's made up of silver & mum thinks it's kinda precious thing. Oops, I lost it last week & I had no idea where I could this little trouble. But at last , mum found it herself. Shooooooooh!

La da di da di.
If you're on audio, enjoy tis song. If you're on video. Please shut it fairly!

Noor's Place

I got my hashtag & it's #askmesatz

Ask me what is #askmesatz
Every Saturday , I''m going to ask something very confidential. Hah , just kidding. I'll ask a little fun question. Answer it in your post, grab the awesome button and have fun seeing what others are telling! Not enough for you? Get this hashtag thing and post on twitter! It's a coming soon feature, so stay tuned!
 But today back up your week with Noor Today!

Time for a giveaway,

28 June 2013

He did it again

No matter they call me a bad sport watcher, I can cry over a game if my team loses. I can feel I wasn't doing honest cheer leading on my couch. CRICKET, my sports love!
By understand the signs that umpire make, you shouldn't listen my cuss for him. Holy crap, captain ex-captain is out! Hafeez is going back to seats. He is the best spinner & batsman both!
From team Pakistan, he is former captain. I had used a hashtag for him on facebook in December. Gosh Mark Zuckerberg stole idea from me?

Team Pakistan VS South Africa . Hafeez VS Steyn, the epic battle on the cricket pitch.  They both always come against each other again & again & again. 

Something sarcastic!

Will it be fun if I make a Fan Friday post on Sports men who suck & end up with Dale Steyn?

Though one time with Austrailia , Hafeez did his century! Yay ,but no yay! The green team lost. Whatever if you've completed 100 but the team is still losing. 1 run for 5. Go home Captain!
Though it was a little sarcastic, winning doesn't matter sometimes. No I ain't a typical fangirl!

Again his century  & I'm pretty sure we're losing!
And we did! Hurrah!

Venus Trapped in Mars

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26 June 2013

Be my partner in crimes

Still smiling. Shameless!
Looking for a crime scene? I have killing plans for bloggy crimes! Roll an eye over the Sponsor's page and choose one who suites you best! Then you & me will be the partners in crime for the rest of July. Fortunately there's no blog cops *EVIL LAUGH*

You can share your heart out & other criminal tips in your guest post. A criminal shouldn't be niggard, take part in group giveaways to share some loots. Host a blog hop to find some other criminals and grab them to keep via Grab A criminal Friend. Get outer help for crimes through my social media channels to grow your power.

Yay, I'm promising for a blog party with my partners in crimes. Would you like to drink or have some mango juice?

Don't forget to blog about the party , hah!

Blog Hop
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25 June 2013

Grab A Friend blog hop # 10

Blog Hop

Welcome to the weekly blog hop , Grab A Friend
Link up here , grab a blogger and be friends!

Every week we create this blog hop with lot of love and hard work. Please be sure to share it to more and more people so our lovely little hop can be large and with more friends ;)

Want to co-host? Shoot me en Email or check Sponsor .

Now the co-hosts

Just click the picture to follow , more easy , more fun right? 
This week our co hosts are :
Kallie from But first , coffee
Jackie from Jade and Oak
Ellie from Serendipitous Whimsicality 

When you go to follow your hosts , leave a comment to make their day.  We all would love to share love back { will follow you back} .

This hop is basically for finding new friends & bloggy mates . So be sure to go and find yourself one . I am sure that lovely people linking up here have found some yet .
I am so happy to see you all linking up with us every Tuesday . Thanks a lot for making our little event a big bro , we hit above 50 last time . let's see how much we can hit this week :) Love you all !

Lol , I am now marking hop posts with number so that I can have things in archive . Time flies soon ;)
It's summer so I am doing a summer fun giveaway , anything for anyone . You can join by filling the form .
Plus a good news ,
 Use teh code "Summer2013" to enjoy your discounts on Areeba's Designs .
Have you heard of #WeekBackup? It's going live soon so be sure to take a look :)
Happy summer & hopping.

24 June 2013

Nice Post

"Nice post, wanna follow each other?"
No , no , no and I mean it. Now shoo, shoo!
After Sarah's post, I'm so up for a comment revolution. No more Nice Post & Nice commentators! Yes I'm a badass!
The biggest blogging pet peeve at the moment. Now it's an official appeal not to do this anymore. I had planned to create a hashtag of #NoMoreNicePosts but of course I didn't. But now I dare to post it on Twitter, bravo!
So, if you haven't experienced this Nice Post attack, ARE YOU NEW HERE? 

You write about your bad-day post and end up getting comments like "Sweety, nice post. Wanna follow each other?" It will surely be a cardiac arrest, where was the nice part, bitch?

I had conversation with Natasha on this topic and she said someone commented something like this on her bad day post and she was like, "I'm going to scratch her face."

Maybe it's a blogging manner or something. But be sure to respect the content above. I wrote a post about my jinxed Monday and ended up with a comment " Hi, such fun post and photos, want to follow each other?" I was going to bang my head to the  pillow wall. I was confused that where did she find fun? Witch, I can't bear jinxed things!
It's just something very awkward if you're serious about your post. Of course you sometimes get personal with your readers for some advice or help, but it would really bug if you get Nice Post comments instead of an advice.

I'm going to do this if I ever found her who commented this thing on my blog! Shameless.
It's not like we all don't want to meet new people or make new friends. But it all should be in a good and positive way. You will gain fake followers but not readers through this. First read it, if you like it then comment. Be polite and nice in the blogsphere.
Thank you very much!

PS : I'll be group giveaway for summer soon. It could be anything for anyone from my lovelies. If you'd like to join us, I'll reserve a spot for you. Just fill this form.

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22 June 2013

Because you don't live in a reality TV show

Slow violin when you see your crush & the wild wind suddenly blows your hair. Ah what a romantic draw!
But sweety this doesn't happen in your real life.

No background music
It's a fair truth that there's nothing like this in your real life. The biggest con! If I could ask one impossible thing from God, it'd be the free background music for all. So you can enjoy your violin music.

The Life In General
Craps happen very often. Sadly, the wind never blows my hair, they are always tied in a messy braid. No perfume walks. No one lifts my fallen journals & notebooks, sigh.

Keeping up with Siddiques
Neither of my family member is interested in making money by family drama, so be hopeless for "Keeping up with Siddiques." But I wonder who's going to be the Kim Kardashian (Count me out) if this happens lately? Mama of Two Directions baby!

I need a mean girl
Once I thought of becoming one but Karma came to me. I have some mean girls around but I WANT A REAL MEAN GIRL! Even being a typical good girl like you see on tv, I never met such mean girl whp collides with me intentionally, ruins my party & tells me that her father has much money than mines, duh poor me.

No VIP service
Look if you're in danger, an ugly truth that no one is coming/going/tending to save ya on helicopter. Say thanks to Lord if you even get a vespa!

Do you have any other thing that might be added in my list or I just skipped it? 

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20 June 2013

That was a mermaid tale, exactly!

June, thanks bro for being such wonderful month so far.
Though pre monsoon just conned us. No more clouds and it's madly hot outside. Maybe sun has some emotional stress OR it is finally the real face of summer.
Instead of being wonderful, it was just a bit  pretty much different in an awesome way.
One thing I gotta write,

 I am in a pretty weird & funny mood, mum too. Let me get it into this post

Would you rather
Go ask me that what would I rather, Ryan Gosling or Amir Khan? Me : Zac Efron! After all he is my first Disney crush and some lovely ladies told me that I kinda look like Vanessa Hudgens. Yay!

Just like your brother
Where you can image your mother's thoughts whenever you are showing her the google images search about an almost new celebrity crush? When I showed her a search result about Zayn Malik, she said she wishes she had a son like him. Yay, I thought but I was properly wrong. Why?
If she had a son like him, her daughters would never think about having a celebrity crush on persons like him. What a funny excuse!

That was a mermaid tale, exactly!
Last night (very late night, around 2) we were up on a decision to see a Barbie movie. You gotta believe this, big girls still love Barbie. In the end, it felt like I was drunk, Yeah, I could see 4 Barbies instead of 2. Don't know what happened in the last when she was having final surfing competition. No problem, I'll Google it!

Just a new Blog Design
I'm done with Justine's blog. I fell in love with the first look that came up. Yeaa, she is such lovely person and never complains a thing. Gal, it was nice having you for many days!
Just a Shout Out for myself. Come , I want to design you blog

Not the Last Thing
Today I'm on Gayle's blog, saying about my little story of suffering Perioral Dermatitis. If you have 3 minutes extra, you can spend them there. I swear it won't take more than 3. Try!

Last Thing
It's a summer vacation era almost everywhere. I need some bloggers lovelies to arrange some blog hops, contribute in group giveaways and ideas to share with each other to have some fun around. It's getting bit boring to do nothing , just post loads of stuff.  If you'd like to contribute some ideas and in giveaway , just fill the form!

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Lovely Blog Hop

 Yay, today I'm co-hosting Lovely Blog hop. 
A Lovely Blog Hop co-hosts will no longer only be open to sponsors but it will be open to EVERYONE!
Meaning: I will be accepting only 3 Co-hosts a week!  If you are interested, please email me at rekita@herandnicole.com with the subject line "Co-Host Lovely Blog Hop". Please provide your name, your blog name, and blog url in the email. I will reply with a date that you will be co-hosting. This will be on a first come first served basis! Sponsors who are interested in co-hosting will automatically have a spot.

NOTE: all spots in June & July are booked unless you are a sponsor. There are spots open in August! Please do not comment regarding co-hosting. Please send me an email instead.

Okay now....

Welcome to A Lovely Blog Hopwhere each Thursday we have the grand opportunity to meet and connect with lovely new bloggers, such as myself! Now you have something to do and somewhere to go on Thursdays!

Rules (Not really rules but a guide):
1. Follow your host and any co-hosts (if it applies).
I am Rekita @ Her&Nicole and I am the first linky. 
Leave me a comment so I will know who to follow back.

Your Co-Hosts:
Areeba (sponsor) | Aree with Umbrella

2. Link it!
Link up your blog or anything else you find lovely. Share your family, fashion, food, crafts, or anything that you love this week. Please, please, please, share the love and include a link back to this blog hop.

3. Spread it!
This is a blog hop after all, so hop around! Visit other blogs and say Hi!

4. Grab it! 
Grab the button and place it somewhere in your blog or add just the link. Preferably in your blog post. 
This is to help us promote this blog hop, believe me, the more the merrier! Or post the link somewhere in your blog. 

5. Tweet it!
Please help me to promote this blog hop by sharing it to others. 
So tweet it to show everyone where you link up on Thursdays!

6. The most important rule of them all, HAVE FUN BLOG HOPPING!

19 June 2013

It's an old story

No, I am not a nerd anymore. It's an oldie I still keep to remember my old self having glasses and eating Mc Donald's. Yeah the yummy days. Back days when the big big frames were popular. I've loved them but now I think they were properly weird in a manner. Anyway, I love this click so much.

I had glasses , yes I accept that. But I still love them. While blogging hours & hours, they are my best friend. It's a friendly advice to keep wear them during computer work. 
Year 2011, I couldn't see clear so I had them for 3 months.
Year 2012, I had computer Science as main subject, I had to had them.
Year 2013, "Mum, they are in fashion."
You know, you can't compromise then! I've ordered a new pair of glasses and they might be reaching my home soon. Hope before the vacations end. Wait sucks!

As a blogger perk, I had an amazing offer in my inbox to introduce a glasses company to my readers. You may know them before this post. Drums roll,

They have amazing collection of every type of eye glasses. Do not worry about the name, they ship worldwide. If you are searching for eyeglasses online, make sure to visit them. It is always fun to buy glasses online but make sure to try them virtually. Yes, they offer their virtual mirror to the customers to first try and then buy.

If you make your mind to buy from them, they are giving discount to my readers, Use code : Blog10 for 10% discount on any order. Enjoy!
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