2 May 2013

The dresses theory

It's a common thing that people think , "Twins are same , in every way. They have same choices, hobbies and behaviours." Hey , it is so wrong. I have a twin (It's such a common information for blogland now), we booth are so different. In every possible way. She likes soft music , pastel colours. I am a hippy, part , noisy person with sharp colours in dresses.
Did someone say dresses?
I am assigned to introduce you all to the collection of Cocktail dresses by Persunmall.
Me & Noori both were gawking at their collection. No lie , we always love to do window shopping and then pass reviews about each and every item , truthfully!

Ruched Flower one shoulder Cocktail dress  Taffeta One shoulder Cocktail dress

If you choose #2 , then you are right. Noori always slips on light and lovely girly things. Connected to princess most!
Persunmall is a Hong Kong based online shop offering Wedding Dresses, ,Bridesmaid Dresses, Prom Dresses,Evening Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Formal Dresses. Plus my favourites , One shoulders too :)
Beaded , Elegant , Sleeveless , Long. Any kind.
Why don't you just give this website a visit?

Cocktail Dresses Theory:
Actually , cocktail dresses were invented to make you and your parties awesome. (It's my theory , don't Google about it). My idea for wearing a cocktail dress is simple. Buy it for Prom , use it for parties and end up on wearing them as your friend's bridesmaid. They're easy-peazy to choose. 
Purple beaded one shoulder
I think I am liking some embroidery ;)

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  1. All dresses are so beautiful! I would pick number 1 though ;) Thanks for sharing the site too xx


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