20 May 2013

The dream to write

Since my kindergarten, I was attached to reading books and writing and arts. Unlike other kids , I never felt attraction in video games and other dolls and cooking set stuff. Don't know if my aunt Mano trained me like this or this was mum's great effort to introduce me and my twin to stationary and books. I have collected many books , notebooks , diaries , pens , writing pads. Me and Noori even played office girls in our spare time. Like I became boss and Noori and my other cousin my assistant. We work day and night on our CVs and power of attorney. My grandfather made us learn all of the documents' name. We even did research on news paper articles. Now this has become a passion.

I always dream to have a job of a journalist or an article writer. Even I started blogging only because of this passion. I wish to become one writer/journalist/article writer or anything related to writing. I don't think that there is anything important then learning new things to women because one women makes a family and educate her kids.
I think you also have a dream job. What is it?


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  2. Hi!
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    I wish I was a professional singer. :)

    Love your blog, super cute! Follow back? Thanks!

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  4. I think I'm studying for my dream work right now. when I was little I wanted to be a fashion designer, then I grew up and still crazy about fashion, just not about the design part. I still want to make fashion illustration/photography and I wish I can do it in the near future, when I graduate


  5. follow your dreams. I know you will succeed and never stop writing.

    xoxo, Zoe


  6. I feel about reading how you do about writing! I just can't get enough of the stuff!Rx


  7. That is a great dream:) You should totally follow it! have a beautiful day.

  8. My dream job is to be a published author :). Just like you I wouldn't mind getting any job related to writing, that's why I love blogging


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