20 May 2013

She came , she saw & conquered

Taylor Swift dominated the Billboard. Out of 11 awards , she has won 8. She just shines at this moment. It's not wrong to say that
"She came, she saw and she conquered"
After her album Red , her success is on cloud 9. Her fans still hope to see her sweet girl image. 

She is also famous for her song writing about her EXs.

I am her such big fan. When I saw today's BEDM topic , I thought that this would be my newsflash posts for today. She is indeed a talented gal. 

We have same hair.

Still not a blonde but my hair look exactly same ( exception of tangled strands) after a bath.

The funniest GIF I found related to her. Don't you just agree this?

PS: I want to apologise to my readers and friends that I am not so active in blogsphere and not doing visiting . Days are getting so busy & I am counting days for vacations. 



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