31 May 2013


Happy Friday lovelies! I had been MIA cause I have other jobs to be done. Yes, I am assigned as a cupid. Don't know if God has given this project to me to be completed or He has given some examinations. You know, it's never an average thing -_- Don't ask me what happened!  What? I want to tell, why ain't anybody asking? Talk? Or maybe more than that?

As title says it's random plus I am not having any creative ideas this time so ladies and gentlemen if any , I'd wonder  you have to enjoy read this one.

A stranger in sending lovely messages to me on facebook. Jealous? I was having my yummy noodles meal and when I saw it, I forgot to swallow my noodle in. No dear, I don't have beautiful eyes -_-

Let's say no to party
My fellows are having party tomorrow. It's going to be a bore ones, yes I am not attending. I am on some kinda protest. I will be having fun with my pajamas and mails. I waited until my nail colour was dried and then I messaged my friend that I am not coming. Of course it take a while to make decisions.

What if?
What if I say that I invite you all to be an email pal? 

PS: I am having weird problem in my blog's homepage. All sidebar ads and images are in the end even my follower tab and welcome image. But when I open a post , it looks fine. Plus, I can't click on post titles in homepage except of the first one. Tell me I am not the only one!


  1. You do have lovely eyes! Why didn't you go to the party? It might have been fun.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend

    Corinne x

  2. Fun randomness!
    I visited the other day and tried to leave a comment, but I could not click anywhere. It was a frustrating. But it's working now. =0)

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  4. You have a beatiful eyes, Aree<3


  5. one thing i can say, don't deprive yourself from enjoying life ;-)


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