9 May 2013

Pin until din

9th Day of #BEDM

Unlike Noori , I am a Pin-it-to-kin-it person. Until I don't have an Instagram , I am attached to Pinterest. While pinning crafts , I feel like I am Martha Stewart!
Now ,I am a bad recipe pinner , apologies. I am continuously pinning everything related to Yogurt (My sweet yogurt)
Pineapple Giner Frozen Yogurt Recipe
I slipped on Pinterest by a coinsidence. I was searching how to make a dream catcher on Google for my cousin , so I clicked on an image on Google Image section. It led me to a Pinterest page. And then it redirected to a blog. After that dream catcher , I searched my web history and reached Pinterest again. Now I am a typical Pinterest Girl. Whatever I want to search (nail art , recipes , crafts , cupcakes and other loads of stuff) I call my lovely Pinterest
My favourite pins :
Spirit Bottle
Blueberry- Blackberry Cupcake
Be High
Happy Pinning.


  1. lovely pics!


  2. wow. these are lovely. i'm on pinterest too, but somehow i haven't explored the site just yet. but i've already made a board (is that what it's called?) related to Murakami. I found the site lovely. i hope i could explore it more when i have the time. :))



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