7 May 2013

Pets Love for another day of May & a {giveaway}

Pet , I don't have a pet. I never had my very own pet, shared with my uncle , aunts. Like parrots in cages , some rabbits.
Cats! I want one. Ladies first choice. 

Having a pet is such big responsibility. You have to behave like a parent. 
Once I killed my aunt's fishes. She was going outside and asked me to sprinkle some fish food in the fish tank. And I said that my services are always here for your lovely fishes. After she was gone , I gave them some little amount of food , they ate all. I thought they would be hungry , so I gave them some more, then a little more , then a huge one , and then empty the food box in the fish tank. 
After 20 minutes , they were floating on the surface. They had died. 
(Don't ask me what happened when aunt was back )

So this was my worst pet experience.

Now time for a giveaway.
We all blogger fellows are celebrating Natasha's Birthday by giving away some gifts :)
Good Luck!

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  1. Hi Areeba! I just found your blog through the link up and I entered the giveaway as well! I'm following you via bloglovin! Your blog design is adorable!


  2. cute cat!!!


  3. oh man pets are such a challenge. my kiddos ask me all the time for a pet and i tell them they have a baby brother. haha. but i really don't think i could handle taking care of three kids and a pet :) my girls do have fish though.


  4. What a fun giveaway. I entered! Sorry to hear how the fish died, I don't want to know what kinda trouble you got in.
    Blog: CuteLA.com

  5. I guess we all had those experiences like "parenting worst" for some pets. I think back when I was a kid. Don't worry dear! :) We have our share. But I love having pets and now I have one :)

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