8 May 2013

My First Job - That was amazing!

8th Day of BEDM
It's not been so long that I did my first job. In the start of 2013 , while doing my New year's Resolution , I thought of doing a job. My parents never allowed me to do any job , I still survive pocket money. So where I was , yes to my first job!
One day I got an email from an online fashion shop , they asked me to review their shop. I was thrilled. I was going to write about them. I told everyone in my house that they want me to write about them. I was given a little assignment of 100 words. They didn't pay me , they gave me a little piece of jewellery of my own choice. I chose a necklace. It was the feeling of proud. 


  1. oh, I can totally relate to that experience and feeling... :) well, speaking of first jobs, I had mine in college... I worked as a library assistant for almost a year and it was really a big deal for me. It helped pay my boarding house fee.. :) glad you enjoyed your first job. ^^

  2. oh thats so exciting :) congrats! its just the beginning:)

  3. Awesome! :) Way to go, girl!


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