15 May 2013

Life teaches

Life is the best teacher -it's true.

In year 2009 when we moved to a little town , leaving our big lovely city Karachi behind. All luxuries were decreased. We didn't have our lovely Mc Donald's there neither our favourite shopping mall. We had to go to a small school with least facilities. In short , everything was screwed.
I felt so disappointed when my parents told me that they can't drive me 36 km away to reach a good school so I have to survive here. That was cardiac arrest for me. I never knew why my parents live like this saying "Life is never same , up and down comes but we have to live."
by 2011 , things changed. No we didn't move back , we are still there but I got admission in that "good" school and my parents arranged us a car first to reach school and then a coaster to cover the distance. We have a similar lifestyle like we had in Karachi back in 2009. Life is going well , except some of little problems that walks with us for the rest of our life. I know that back in years , life was teaching all of us to "live" in any any kind of situation , happy or sad , not just survive.

In the last words , I want to write Robert Frost's amazing saying
"In three words , I can sum up everything I've learned about life : it goes on"


  1. It's a cool motivation Aree! Life does go on. :)

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  2. Lovely post, and so true... in argentina one learns such things every day!

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