8 May 2013

Let's Go Pastel

                                           Chiffon Sweetheart Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress

Like my New Year's Resolution , I've made a Summer 2013 Resolution. I am going Pastel this summer for sake of my fashion sense. Last summer , I got into the horrible mixture of colours ( Purple with Brown & Garlic colour) to make a change. That step made a change but that wasn't awesome.
Now back to pastels,
They give you a fresh look, they don't bother with the jewellery section and  they don't pinch your eyes. They are never out of fashion though. At least in my family. We even have a family photo all in pastel colours :D
Chiffon Mint Bridesmaid Dress
Look at this , you are now ready for a summer wedding. Bridesmaid dresses should not be in dark and bright colours in summer. Because of all jewellery , crowd and make-up, it would make you irritating if you don't have all luxuries of air condition. So you should choose something cool and in touch of pastels if you don't like so-Pastels.
Chiffon  Halter Ruching Bridesmaid Dress
A pastel long gown, the elegance and grace. If I would choose something long for my mother , I would be up for pastels. My mother never loves bright and shocking colours. 
As I said , Pastels are great for olders. Every granny and mother loves it. I am sure they don't like shocking pink or Bright yellow. If you ever ask your grandmother what's her favourite colour , she will surely say something like pistachio or cream etc. 
So are you going to be pastel this summer?


  1. Hello darling!!
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  2. Nice photos.. and outfits..

    So nice and worked blog.. no doubt ;)

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  3. That pink gown is totally swoonworthy:) Have a great day, xo

  4. I love pastels! They are so soft and delicate!

  5. Really great dresses my dear! Lovely selection with pastel shades,

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  6. Nice blog and I love the pics you posted :)

  7. They are lovely!

    I really do like pastels lately!

    Corinne x

  8. sooooo elegant dress :)



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