19 May 2013

Henna - A tradition that worth trying

Henna , a part of our tradition in Pakistan.
Every wedding ceremony , Eid , Birthday parties mean everything is incomplete without henna. I adore this thing too much. We create designs & flowers on our hands , shoulders and feet.
My aunt is pro in it's designing. But there are something that you have to follow about it. Boys can't have it on their hands , plus young girls shouldn't have too much design on their little hands. But brides of course can have big designs.
I have tried three colours , black , brown and red. Red is the best. 
Do you ever tried this?


  1. I used to have henna tattoos until I got myself a real one. I think these henna designs are beautiful. Nice tradition. Your design here is fantastic Aree! :)

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  2. wow, it's a beautiful tradition :)

  3. Look amazing;)
    Thanks for visiting my blog;)
    Kisses x


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