5 May 2013

Fit & Healthy - When it comes to sacrifice

5th day of #BEDM
It's not easy to complete your diet with Perioral Dermatitis. You only have to choose few things to eat.
I have sacrificed all of my favourite food for this.
So I am up with some little food diet to control my skin problem.

1- Have a bowl of yogurt , three times a day.
2- One papaya daily.
3- Ovaltine in morning & a cup before sleeping.
4- No bread , it has yeast ( Dermatitis says no yeast)
5- Spend my morning with Paratha and Puck
6- Apples & Bananas.
(And little bit of everything from a gluten-free diet too)

That's all I eat (I can eat)


  1. I'm sure it'll be cured soon. The sacrifice will be worthy dear. You are beautiful no matter what :)

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  2. Good to know you're living it healthy! I should follow your lead! :)

  3. I have the WORST time in the summer when the sun comes out :( I get red bumps all over my arms and chest (pretty much wherever the sun touches) and it is SOO so itchy! I might have to try some of these tips!


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