17 May 2013

A way that leads to school

It's sad that today's BEDM topic is not related to me.
(Walk to work)
I am unemployed. I never thought of doing a physical job.

So let me tell you about my journey to my school.
Waking up very early in the morning to get ready for school. It's not like your average preparation for school. We need to cover distance of more than 45 minutes to reach school. Our coaster is full with every kind of kids. Funny , weeping , sleeping and reading. 
In our way, we only see bushes , barren land & huge trucks. Sometimes some trucks thrum so loud that little sleepy kids wake up, crying. It's feels like a big sister when we all girls gather around them and tell them that it was a truck only.
We all have our groups , we sing songs if I left my USB at home. We tell stories and share experiences. Me, Noori and only few others are seniors and the rest of them are just kids.
It's very hard to control kids all the way long. All of them love to open windows wide and look around and wave their hands. It's dangerous for them. No one knows if a truck is coming from the back. But kids are kids , they never listen.
It's never peaceful , we all fight a lot. Sometimes on seats , songs & windows. But it's the best way to start our day :)
And in the last , when the way that leads to school comes . One by one , everyone tries to sleep. Because of all way chatting and doing homework , everyone reminds their self that they need some rest!

And that's an everyday story of our litttle (Maybe Big) journey to our schools.


  1. As long as you enjoy and have fun in school. :)
    lovely post
    I have a great giveaway on my blog you should enter if youd like.

  2. Oh wow great post, my trips to school seem so boring and dull compared to yours! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Buhahaha , I hate them all.
    Catching you from I Love my post . GOSH!!!! You're a co-host? Whatever ! Following since you were born ( I mean your blog ;D)
    Noor @ Noor's Place


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