4 May 2013

5 fave blogs + New Custom blog design

My fave blogs. 
(4th day of Blog Everyday in May)

Noor's Place:
This amazing blogger is my twin sister. I don't mind taking look on her blog and tell her that you did this mistake & that mistake. She never minds (I lied).

She maybe the song that summer sings :
Cheriese's blog name is fantastic. Plus her fun posts are amazing. She is pretty deft at writings. I have painted her blog name on my art journal's front page and on one page inside. 

Kiss Kiss by K.Lee :
Keena is just so funny. She writes her normal days post in such a fun way that I feel impressed by her. She has two cute daughters. She also vlogs sometimes.

Through the eyes of Mrs :
Beth is a mum of three lovely little kids. Her blog posts are so inspiring. I learnt word "The moment of clarity" from her blog post. She is so creative , she has an etsy shop that contains Vintage Inspired Jewelry.

Hello Shaka :
Shaka's blog is a daily life blog. Her recipes posts are my favourite. She has a son. Her photographs are amzaing. Once her post "Mid Night Thoughts" remind me of my dad that had a topic "Our kids are part of our souls." 

These blogs aren't ranked. they are just my favourite. Noori said that she wants her blog on the top. I couldn't help it. 

A good news
I've just completed new Custom Blog Design for Tabetha , over The Closet Intellectual. Go check her out.


  1. im so in love with your design. simple but really nice and not too crowded. i really want it but it will cost me money and i can't afford it. especially when it comes to online cash. i just have real cash. T_T

  2. Your blog design is really cute! I wish I had those HTML skills! Good luck blogging everyday in May! That's definitely a challenge :) x

  3. how sweet!! i'm so honoured to have been mentioned girl, i gave you a little thank you on the bottom of todays post! ♡

  4. I'm loving discovering all these blogs. Thank you for sharing these. x

  5. Thanks for showing me these great blogs. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  6. I thought you looked familiar!!! I would love to get a blog design from you one day :) great work!

  7. I'm loving your blog designs. I really need to change mine up.

  8. Thank you for mentioning me pretty lady! You are too lovely, and you completely made my day! I would love to see your art journal :) xx

  9. Thank You so much! You totally just made my Monday morning. Seriously you are way too sweet hun! xoxo


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