6 May 2013

10 things to make your long day offs fun

As I told , it's election time near in Pakistan. All the Private schools will be off from Wednesday until Monday. It would be amazing to rest a long time in home. According to today's blog challenge , I had to write about my long weekend plans but I think it would be nice to write about my coming long day offs. I can't wait

1- Don't think about laundry. It hurts.
2- Add some new songs to your playlist. Make sure there's no sign of Punk.
3- Dip your hands in paint. You won't get a chance again until summer vacations.
4- Start watching old episodes of your favourite reality shows.
5- Browse some short stories to read.
6- Wear pajamas all day long.
7- Paint your nails in such colour that you never wore.
8- Try some handmade bathing products , Lush or Lux.
9- Call your aunts and ask some fun recipes to try.
10- Go take a tour of your area. Ask yourself if you find something new.



  1. oh... i have an upcoming long weekend too! coincidentally, may 13th is philippines' national and local elections so i don't have to go to work that day :D i would love to 6,7 and 10! enjoy your day offs! :)

  2. sounds like a good plan :) long weekends are the best! I like no. 3- why not, right? ;)

    new follower from the grab a friend hop- can't wait to read more :)

  3. I LOVE Lush:) All their products smell amazing and are wonderful for skin. Kisses


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