31 May 2013


Happy Friday lovelies! I had been MIA cause I have other jobs to be done. Yes, I am assigned as a cupid. Don't know if God has given this project to me to be completed or He has given some examinations. You know, it's never an average thing -_- Don't ask me what happened!  What? I want to tell, why ain't anybody asking? Talk? Or maybe more than that?

As title says it's random plus I am not having any creative ideas this time so ladies and gentlemen if any , I'd wonder  you have to enjoy read this one.

A stranger in sending lovely messages to me on facebook. Jealous? I was having my yummy noodles meal and when I saw it, I forgot to swallow my noodle in. No dear, I don't have beautiful eyes -_-

Let's say no to party
My fellows are having party tomorrow. It's going to be a bore ones, yes I am not attending. I am on some kinda protest. I will be having fun with my pajamas and mails. I waited until my nail colour was dried and then I messaged my friend that I am not coming. Of course it take a while to make decisions.

What if?
What if I say that I invite you all to be an email pal? 

PS: I am having weird problem in my blog's homepage. All sidebar ads and images are in the end even my follower tab and welcome image. But when I open a post , it looks fine. Plus, I can't click on post titles in homepage except of the first one. Tell me I am not the only one!

28 May 2013

Grab A Friend Blog Hop

Blog Hop

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27 May 2013

How do I bear non-bloggers?

You are a blogger!
 Why are you asking?

In the past days , I have bore a thousand of questions about my blogging life. Look, blogging is such secret talent and non-bloggers can never afford it. Haters gonna hate. 
What if you think I look awkward while taking pictures during my grocery OR my family dinner? 
Many of my fellows are non-bloggers but when one of relative saw my planner's description and asked, "Are you a blogger, really?" I was like "Oh no , it's just something...
She said,"I am also a blogger."

I remember giving answers to them about our family-type relations between bloggers. How can they not believe that email pals and blogger fellows become so special! I have my own blog buddies and they don't know it!

Are you known with cranky aunts? When they roll their eyes over you and you feel , "What did I do, now?"
Whenever I see her , she is with her laptop saying "Aunt I am blogging."
They would declare.

The most important thing is photography. While shopping, eating, sleeping, dancing or doing nothing, we , the bloggers, need to have pictures because we are always honest with our stories and circumstances that happened. I do not have Instagram so far, but I lust over want it. If you have nothing to do with camera, as a sister or friend!

Now along with this experience, I don't mind giving calm answers to them even though they ask it so weirdly! What a shame!
Well, I hope you are having such different experiences as compare to mine. But it's true we all have blogging hating buddies! Ain't I right?

26 May 2013

The power of positivity and laugh + A huge thanks to blog friends

Let's Celebrate.
I just won my battle with Perioral Dermatitis after a long while. I am now with a shiny smile and some spicy food and yeah I am behaving weird hahaha. No I am just so happy.

Let me bet you PD hates cheerful moments. I chose a metaphysics method and it worked. My physician was kind enough to offer me some sweets. He had given me 4 reasons.
1) Immunity
2) Choler
3) Sensitivity 
4) Spiritual illness

I am sure that I've learnt many things from one visit only. He said that we all should be happy and content with everything because problems and sorrows come and leave. We should realize the worth of smile and laughs and the family we have. He said to my mum that your daughter needs relax and some time to recover inside. She has positive skin and if she focuses, she will be alright in days!

I had been thinking lately about my family, old people and young kids. They are mine and I am better than millions in this matter. My God, Twin and Blogging fellows are such gems. Whenever I get lovely tweets or something in email, it makes my day. I am also crushing celebrity and it is truly funny! The only equipment to beat PD was my way to see things in positive way & happiness. Plus not to remember crappies!

Plus I am going to buy lot of lipsticks- It has been years!
(Kill you Dermatitis)

Special Thanks to my blogger friends who has supported me a lot in those hard days. 
Especial thanks to Kim , Toi & Jamie :)

 Now here's a front pose. No red bumps!
(Excuse the nibbled head)

Feeling Lucky?
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25 May 2013

I Love My Post #38

Hey blog lovelies , today I got an opportunity to co-host I love my post blog hop.
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22 May 2013

Nothing's well

While joining Blog Challenge for May , I promised myself to write given topics. But today I am not feeling well. Maybe the worst I've ever had. I don't know if my feelings can come out in words. If you are an old reader , you know that I suffer Perioral Dermatitis everyday , every minute of my life. Today was one of the day that I thought what should I do? Cry or pray?
Last night , it turned so bad. I wasn't feeling good so mum said don't go to school tomorrow. I thought it is just casual. In the dawn pray, my chin and lips started swelling. I ignored ( My mistake)
While in school , my face started looking worse. Everybody started asking what is happening. It was so hot in there and I wasn't able to speak properly because of swelling. I washed my face many times but it was no good. Unfortunately , my lip balm got melted. When I opened it , it fell off. Then it was of no use. I felt dizziness. Until the last period , my dermatitis was on it's peak. I was looking awkward and everybody was staring at me like I was dropped from outer space. The sympathy and pity in their eyes killed me. I was behaving like such bad temper. In the end , I got my van and reached home.
When I came inside , I called mum and then I cried a lot. Not just cried , I shouted , cursed myself , told her I would suicide and leave this world. What could she do? She is now going to Karachi for my medicines. I found no cure for Perioral Dermatitis. I am not eating spices , have left everything which is not allowed in this problem. It got better last days but it's again on it's worst. I feel embarrassment every time I see the mirror. Or whenever anyone ask what has happened to me face, why is this so swelled and pink? It hurts but I can't blame them. It's very unusual thing for people here.
I cried while writing this post but by writing this , maybe someone who is known with this would tell me something to cure. I'll be thankful if I get any place in your wishes
and prayers.

Lets win (My 100 followers giveaway)

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21 May 2013

Friend Connect Blog Hop

It's Tuesday again which means it's time for the Friend Connect Blog Hop!
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Grab A Friend Blog Hop #5

Blog Hop

Welcome to the weekly blog hop , Grab A Friend
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20 May 2013

The dream to write

Since my kindergarten, I was attached to reading books and writing and arts. Unlike other kids , I never felt attraction in video games and other dolls and cooking set stuff. Don't know if my aunt Mano trained me like this or this was mum's great effort to introduce me and my twin to stationary and books. I have collected many books , notebooks , diaries , pens , writing pads. Me and Noori even played office girls in our spare time. Like I became boss and Noori and my other cousin my assistant. We work day and night on our CVs and power of attorney. My grandfather made us learn all of the documents' name. We even did research on news paper articles. Now this has become a passion.

I always dream to have a job of a journalist or an article writer. Even I started blogging only because of this passion. I wish to become one writer/journalist/article writer or anything related to writing. I don't think that there is anything important then learning new things to women because one women makes a family and educate her kids.
I think you also have a dream job. What is it?

She came , she saw & conquered

Taylor Swift dominated the Billboard. Out of 11 awards , she has won 8. She just shines at this moment. It's not wrong to say that
"She came, she saw and she conquered"
After her album Red , her success is on cloud 9. Her fans still hope to see her sweet girl image. 

She is also famous for her song writing about her EXs.

I am her such big fan. When I saw today's BEDM topic , I thought that this would be my newsflash posts for today. She is indeed a talented gal. 

We have same hair.

Still not a blonde but my hair look exactly same ( exception of tangled strands) after a bath.

The funniest GIF I found related to her. Don't you just agree this?

PS: I want to apologise to my readers and friends that I am not so active in blogsphere and not doing visiting . Days are getting so busy & I am counting days for vacations. 


19 May 2013

Henna - A tradition that worth trying

Henna , a part of our tradition in Pakistan.
Every wedding ceremony , Eid , Birthday parties mean everything is incomplete without henna. I adore this thing too much. We create designs & flowers on our hands , shoulders and feet.
My aunt is pro in it's designing. But there are something that you have to follow about it. Boys can't have it on their hands , plus young girls shouldn't have too much design on their little hands. But brides of course can have big designs.
I have tried three colours , black , brown and red. Red is the best. 
Do you ever tried this?

18 May 2013

We'll always be together

You can't live without friends , it's true.
Born with a twin never let me feel of a need of a friend. We both were born together and we plan to marry together too ;)
Noori is never easy to handle. I can-be-called her older sister (10 minutes). But she never obeys me. Okay , I don't mind. We never say thanks or sorry to each other. If we fight , no one excuses , we just start talking .
She is my secret diary. One thing I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv about her that she always safes me from Mum after every trouble that I cause.

We almost dress same. It's because our mum always made us wear same clothes when we were kids. We dress same , buy same & eat same. But now , some things are changed a bit. 
I talk a lot , she talks less.
I love rock , hip hop , party all night , noise & weird things. She loves peace & scented candles.
But we have same eating choices.
-Spices , Pepsi , Pizza , Mc Donald's, Potatoes and Pringles.
She is mum's girl.
I am dad's.

I know her wishes and she knows my dreams. We both love London. We both blog. Her celebrity crush is John Cena & I love Ryan Gosling. We love funny things & hate Bear Grylls.

"We'll always be together
Don't you worry, oh
I'll always be by your side
Don't you worry
Don't worry, no no no
The circle will never end
Just know that we'll meet again
And we'll always be together
Forever always, oh
I am here"

As I said , I know her wishes. So if I can complete her one wish, I am going to buy her an Ipod Touch 5.

After every word I said , I simply love her. She is a part of me.

Noor's Place

17 May 2013

A way that leads to school

It's sad that today's BEDM topic is not related to me.
(Walk to work)
I am unemployed. I never thought of doing a physical job.

So let me tell you about my journey to my school.
Waking up very early in the morning to get ready for school. It's not like your average preparation for school. We need to cover distance of more than 45 minutes to reach school. Our coaster is full with every kind of kids. Funny , weeping , sleeping and reading. 
In our way, we only see bushes , barren land & huge trucks. Sometimes some trucks thrum so loud that little sleepy kids wake up, crying. It's feels like a big sister when we all girls gather around them and tell them that it was a truck only.
We all have our groups , we sing songs if I left my USB at home. We tell stories and share experiences. Me, Noori and only few others are seniors and the rest of them are just kids.
It's very hard to control kids all the way long. All of them love to open windows wide and look around and wave their hands. It's dangerous for them. No one knows if a truck is coming from the back. But kids are kids , they never listen.
It's never peaceful , we all fight a lot. Sometimes on seats , songs & windows. But it's the best way to start our day :)
And in the last , when the way that leads to school comes . One by one , everyone tries to sleep. Because of all way chatting and doing homework , everyone reminds their self that they need some rest!

And that's an everyday story of our litttle (Maybe Big) journey to our schools.