21 April 2013

The Summer's not hot

It's almost summer. It's sad that we don't have long spring here. But we have very long summer ( I mean it). I am fully prepared for royal summer. Mangoes , mint colour , sea and new cloths. This year I would be happy with white and mint.
I was contacted by an online shop , Clothings Love. They have huge collection of cute cloths and accessories. I am falling hard for some necklaces. They biggest thing I love , yayyy free shipping! It worths shopping then!
Wholesale Necklaces

Necklaces are really important for me as I wear plain shirts. Their necklace collection is great , as I say I am falling for some necklaces. And rings & bracelets too. Woo I am going so greedy.
Summer necklaces , I would choose an owl. and blues , after all summer and seas. No Eiffel tower this time.

This cap reminds me of my primary school days when we all try to cheer up our team in sun with this kinda cap. It's for big heads , I am up!

White Glasses Printing Short Sleeve Women Loose T-Shirt T5016w
White Shirts
White Decorative Rivets Double Lapel Chiffon Sleeveless Women Blouse H5960w
Chiffon white shirt , they would be so perfect for summer. What about one with bubble necklace? Blue or mint! 
What are your summer plans for dress up? Would you go white or mint?


  1. uuuuuh that blouse is so nice :)


  2. Love that necklace on the left!x

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  3. Cute pieces Aree - goodluck for summer. It is just starting to get cold here!
    K x

  4. Free Shipping is just about the greatest thing ever!
    I'm really into white shirts now too! Cute post xx


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