22 April 2013

Monday Mea Culpa

It's Monday . School time , no I am resting home. Who would go for extra classes after exams? I am not up!  Family says it's a bad thing. What? Resting home is never evil. Have you ever listened that a villian is resting home?
5 things I am guilty from my week.

-I haven't done my laundry , I am busy with my projects of some designs.
Some new work in progress.

-I didn't attend my school (As said above). Woo , I am resting home!
-Did someone say Pizza? I ate only one slice, inspite of dermatitis.
-I planned things in my planner & I cheated. I am sorry.
-I didn't polish my shoes and wore them dirty in last exam. Nah , I don't mind!

Tomorrow will be Tuesday. Our blog hop is going live tomorrow. 
"Grab a Friend"
We want to invite you all to come tomorrow and link up with us. Follow your hosts , grab a friend, follow and talk.  It would be great chance for meeting new people. 

If you are interested in Co-hosting, shoot me an email at

Happy Monday and listen , every Monday is not bad. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey there! I'm stopping' by from the blog hop and wanted to let you know I'm your newest follower via Bloglovin'! Hope you'll get a chance to visit me! You can find me here:

    Blog url


  2. Hi Areeba, I've been away for a while, we took vacation to Arizona and Colorado to visit our family. I will be posting pictures soon. Then all this past week I was just sick about what happened in Boston, it's a city I love! It is nice to be blogging again, see you later. I hope you are doing well :)

  3. nice blog sista <3


  4. Ooooo I'll be joining :-)
    Leila xx

  5. Sometimes you just need to rest and take a break at home. ;-)


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