24 April 2013

Living well is the best revenge

Living well is the best revenge.
I read this and I was like yeah I got it. This is the best way to burn someone from inside. After that , count on , you will know you have haters!I am not-so-taking-revenge type gal. (I was) After so many things , I need changed.Who can bear it for too long? What people around me expect from me? After a fight , I will be there with a bunch of flower to apologize! Whew , it's a crap!

No mean thing,  but I am not thinking about any bug in me.
15 Celebrity Gifs That Will Help Get You Through A Break-Up

Dance your favourite move :
What a great source of joy! dum dum dum & move like a wave. Dance in a way you love. 

Be peaceful during a problem
What makes you feel worried? Be so content in front of others even you are breaking inside. It willhelp you to be sad only. Happy and content living is the best. Don't you just understand that?


Be satisfied with your weight
Why you just don't let the world know that you are awesome with your fats? It's your shape and you love it. I am kinds fat and I am proud .

Enjoy everything in your life
You only live once. Then enjoy every little thing with a big party. Even after some problems , celebrate it , hey it just passed. Like we did a party after exams :D

              15 Celebrity Gifs That Will Help Get You Through A Break-Up

I am very happy for this post. I am glad that i wrote it. I have been doing all this stuff for more than 2 months. I want you all to be content. It's the best thing. 
In the last , I want to show something that made my day.The best thing I found on a website/
           15 Celebrity Gifs That Will Help Get You Through A Break-Up
I am still thinking for a Ryan Gosling version for GTA :D

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up with us! These gifs are cracking me up!

  2. LOVE the image you created with the Texter app! So awesome!!!!

    And these gifs are so fun! Totally made my day a lot happier!

    ♥ Duckie.

  3. I agree so much with you! and the gifs are awesome, specially the Ryan Gosling one ;)
    Now, Swans lake is a classical ballet composed by Tchaikovsky that is incredibly beautiful so its been adapted to many things, barbie movie was one of them <3, black swan, the move with Natalie Portman is another example


  4. haha this is the best post ever! :) Thanks for the mood lift! :)


  5. This. is. right.


  6. Word. thanks for this post...I was feeling lil blue...but reading this perked me up a lil. Thanks, Beautiful!



  7. love that quote!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

  8. Really great way to get back! :)

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  9. Loving the "2 Broke Girls" gif in this entry! Found you through the blog collective - would love a follow back!

    - Heather


  10. This is an awesome post and just the very best for my mood right now. I am feeling little tired this day because the time is running so damn slowly and I really need to have my college life start right now than next year but this post of yours helped me keep standing and walking for today and hopefully the next upcoming year.

    - Patty


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