29 April 2013

How you turned like that

While I was free for a while in school , I was doing my article writing and some other writing things. It's election time near in Pakistan. We all girls were talking about this. Of course we can't vote but everyone can give their review for it.

Me : "I am thinking of selling my vote" (Wink)
Noori : " ME tooooo. Let's exchange one vote for one kindle fire. I'll be having HD ones."
Friend #1 : "I think I won't give vote , I don't like them when they talk on tv. They lie."
Friend #2 : "I will be giving my vote to the smartest ones , go think about it" 
Me : "Start your bid now , go on for vendue."
Friend #1 : "Haha now we're too mean."

Except all this stuff , I am doing work for some social writings. I have chosen some people from class to write on them. How they turn (good/bad) in their life? Without telling them , I'll keep an eye on them and will complete my article soon. I see many students around school that are so different in behaving , doing their work, belong to broken families and some are growing with hatred for their studies. I know they're not supposed to be bad, they don't have other way. Spending time with bad company spoils your image.

They must not be like that when they were tweens. Some were too good when they were in primary stage. Now they've turned really bad guys. I don't know what I am going to call my future little pile of articles , maybe "What happened to them" , or "How you turned like that?". (I should stay away from Discovery chanel).
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  1. That sounds like interesting articles that you are going to write! Good luck with it.

    Corinne x

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  3. Hopefully your article people will all turn out all right. ;-)

  4. I love that you are writing an article where you get people to think!



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