20 April 2013

Gossip & Giveaway -A Custom Blog Design

It's time to celebrate. Exams are finally over.  Now I can focus on my freelancing . I am having great goals for having my own gadget with my very own money. Me and Noori want to do it on our own. No money is needed from mum & dad. We can do it like big girls!

This Friday me , Noori and one of my old neighbour friend Rabiya were having gossip. She is such a sweet girl and doesn't talk much. I was telling her that Noori like games that are designed for boys.
Me : Noori likes boys games like Mid town madness & GTA.
Noori : Not GTA , it's GTA San Andreas
Rabiya : Oh it's a boy game. Aree , do you also use to play it?
Me : No , there is no GTA Ryan Gosling , I am not playing it!
I promised my readers to have a giveaway. All I can do is design blogs and talk with my friends (enjoy some food too). Wait I am good at sleeping too.

Here's a giveaway from me and my twin. There will be three winners. One will win blog custom design and ad space on my blog , second winner will win a guest post and ad space on my blog and third winner will win ad spce on Noori's Blog.

Good Luck :)


  1. I'm good at sleeping too! hahaha :D


  2. Omg this is soooo awesome!!!! So excited! xx

  3. Visit and follow from Happy Friday Blog Hop.
    Thanks for link up at my blog.
    Have a nice day.

  4. A god gossip session is always needed once in a while with great friends.

  5. Found your blog via Fairytalecomesalive. Enjoying having a read of your blog. I have no blog design, so I need more than a new design, I need A design!


  6. Hi Aree,
    Thanks for linking up this pretty post and awesome giveaway at my Smiles hop.

    Have a beautiful week

  7. The giveaway is nice and I've shared it for you. :)

  8. I REALLLLLYYYY want to win this its would be a lot of help to my blog! Good luck to everyone!


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