2 April 2013

An eternal contention

Which one is more important?
The main subjects in college here are Science , Arts & Commerce. Science is so common to choose. Don't know why everybody choose this subject on a large scale . Maybe the fields for Science are large. Astronomy , Optics , Chemistry. According to parents, teens should choose this subject as it will be so helpful to create a bright future. Are Doctors , Chemists , Engineering type fields only respectable professions? 
Arts fields are Textile , Fashion , Fine Arts , Graphic designing and much beyond. Arts is not so supported subject by parents. Why?
As a parent said that ,"Science works more on the physical side, while art works more on the emotional side."
Arts is not a subject to waste your time on your emotions , both science and arts are important for a society. But this common factor that people think about Arts is wrong.
Science is important but art is meaningful.Cooking is an art , but it needs science too.
Science gives us life, and art makes it worth living.
Science is about advancing, moving forward, discovery.

Art is about searching, moving in all directions, discovery.

Both are like a coin. Both are important. But why both are not supported equally? 

In 2014 , I will be enrolling in College. My parents think that after choosing Computer Science in High School , I must choose Science for a good future. I am not with this option. Arts has it's own values and importance.
But here , I am not supporting either of them. Just want to know what's the value of both subjects. No one can argue about the MORE importnace of one subject.


  1. great post dear ^^
    kiss and happy day

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  2. Interesting post! I also think that both topics are quite on the same level of importance (however, art caters to myself more, haha)

    Keep bloggin'
    Lots of love, Maho


  3. I feel like I've not been on your blog in ages, then I realised I wasn't even following you on GFC which explains why, fixed that now!

    There all have the same level of importants but I think science is a better thing to study.

    I studied French and Philosophy at uni and do nothing with it now. I really wish I had picked something like computer science, law or business/management, accounting.... They are much more useful for your future.

    Corinne x

  4. There all have the same level but I love arts :-P

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  5. Both are incredibly important in their own way. Interesting discussion!

  6. Wow, I love how you said that science gives us life, and art makes it worth living. <3 I'm actually stuck between these two choices for my future.

    Originally my mind was set for medical school because of my Asian parents, but recently I've broken away and I'm really gonna try to follow art now. It's just so sad they are in two ends of a spectrum when talking about jobs and such. It's been known for doctors and such to be some of the richest while art majors are left having a hard time. ):

  7. Great post! Totally agree that they are equally important, I think I'm more for arts than science though!!

  8. Well I think both are equally important but I do understand why most people prefer to enroll in Science stream though its much harder and at the end of the day it does not mean you will go further because people take it as a challenge that the harder the subject is and if you pass it, the better or smarter you are. I think it's a shallow thinking but people still do it. Without people pursuing in art, we will not have all this awesome designs in packaging, all this artists recording or singing songs with really awesome and creative ideas so there will be no more pretty or funny things in life! So, both are equally important!


  9. I agree with you on all subjects, but I think also you can actually choose a profession where you can use both arts and computer science. Ever thought about web design maybe? ;-) And with your blog you are actually at a good start.

    xoxo Pakize

    Madame Keke

  10. Make it your choice/decision dear! When I was entering college, while I know my parents have all good intention for recommending Computer Science and Accountancy courses to me, I still chose Communication Arts because that's where I excel - media and arts. I live with it until today. :) So make it a decision with your passion. :)

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    xoxo stefania

  12. heeey visiting you again !! i totally agree with you !!!

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  13. Absolutely equally important and both equally human!

  14. Hi Aree! I think that sciences are best for having a career, but I feel like arts make people happy. I chose arts myself, but my career is office work/some computer work. Art is relaxing as a hobby though, even though I'd love to do something in performance arts like singing. :)

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  16. I agree with everything you say. I really don't know why Arts is so unsupported, not only by the people who hire you or give you an opportunity for a job but by the people who surround you. I think arts should be equally supported like the science is. And it's really that way, cooking is an art but it can't go without science! and it's not only that way for cooking but for everything else. chemistry, or physics it can't produce something new if the person isn't creative, and what's the main purpose of creativity? Arts. Both of it is essenital for living!
    Nice subject, I love it! And I think you should choose what you really want for yourself, it's not like your parents will be living your life :)
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  17. I would like to become a nurse or doctor :)

  18. they are both important for sure.

    but i am totally for Arts. I love abstracts notions and discovering the emotional side of this world is my passion. on the other hand my husband is for science, he likes facts and experiments that lead to proven notions.

    I was in your position some years back. I did optics in high school so the obvious choice was studying optometry at University but I went with my heart and studied Literature and History.

    you should definitely choose what your hearts tell you.

    all the luck.

  19. Hi!!
    I had a hard time choosing my major too.., was going with performing arts but science seemed like a better option for me in the end.
    I hope you find your way girl.., anyway.., I always convinced myself that if the major I ended up now doesn't suit me well in yhe future.., we'll find that thing we need to do in the future by time...
    Good luck and you're so inspiring :)
    Stay pretty, dear :)

  20. I think you should go for what you like the most and what you feel you can be better at. I graduated in Economics but I admit my family pushed me, I was good at it but I do other kind of job in an office now...I am more creative and I think something more artistic would have made me happier ! I found a job thanks to my Economics degree anyway so it's all good ;)

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  22. both are important dear... try to compare the old greek and the ancient rome....

  23. wow i do much agree with this post. >:D wonder why didn't i drop by earlier


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