27 April 2013

8 Different types of neighbours that you might survive

What kids of neighbour you have? Do they behave awkwardly when your daughter runs into their flowers? Do they talk in a sweet way? There are many types of neighbours that you may know. They are good , annoying and sometimes grumpy!

-Hippie Neighbours :
They're commomnly seen in arragaing parties , B.B.Qs , fireworks and get togethers. This kind of neighbours is usually friendly and don't mind about your tantrum on their late night parties and noise. Instead of this , they invite you to join them sometimes.

-Master Chef Neighbours :

This type is based on the family lady.Everytime she tries a new recipe , she sends it to you and asks a review next morning. This kind of neighbour is very friendly.

-Selfish-Sporty Neighbours :

Kids and Daddy! A family involving in many gaming/sports activities and winner of some local area sport event. This type is commonly involves in jealousy and comparison. Like , they can't see your kids in lead during a sport event.

-Fashion Diva Neighbours :

A family consisting many beautiful daughters, a stylish mom and an innocent daddy. This type can be so arrogant (except daddy). That is to say that you don't have a very good relationship status with them.

-Lovely Neighbours :

A house next to yours that is owned by a couple, near to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They are truly like your grandparents. You believe them and take their advice when needed. Having this kind of neighbourhood is such a blessing.

Prowler Neighbours :

This kind is also based on the women of family. They love to sneak into your house in every possible way. They keep an eye on all of your coming guests and they're totally aware of your personal matters. They even use their kids, sometimes , to sneak in your house.

Grumpy Neighbours :

A type of neighbour that can't bear your son's football in their garden. Not even your newspaper on their door. You definitely don't talk to them except of an occasion. 

Simply-Yours Neighbours :

This type of neighbours are also called as normal neighbours. They share your happiness and dolour and they support during hard times. They share their meals with you , they help to paint your house and clean your garden. They are simply yours.


  1. Haha my neighbours are keep to yourselfers but lovely neighbours!
    I think they would say I'm a grumpy neighbour, there is almost always a ball flying over the fence into my yard! I'm the type of neighbour not to answer the door when the kid comes knocking for the ball haha so mean I know!

  2. Master chief neighbors making me fatter! But, yeah they are friendly and good cook too. :)

  3. Haha great post thank you so much for sharing! I think I am going to be a fashion diva neighbor later haha without the arrogance though :p


  4. OMG I can relate to this Aree haha. Well, sometimes, we just have to mingle too.

    Happy weekend dear!

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  5. ww!!you really make your blog great!!!very nice changes!! :P and so many interesting post!! excellent work Areeba!!!I'm so happy for you!! :)

    Have a great day!!
    xoxo stefania :)

  6. i might just have one of each...!

  7. i hope simply- yours....

  8. I'm so glad I really don't even have to deal with neighbors (only one) because I live in a townhouse. I have had all types before though!


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