30 April 2013

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29 April 2013

How you turned like that

While I was free for a while in school , I was doing my article writing and some other writing things. It's election time near in Pakistan. We all girls were talking about this. Of course we can't vote but everyone can give their review for it.

Me : "I am thinking of selling my vote" (Wink)
Noori : " ME tooooo. Let's exchange one vote for one kindle fire. I'll be having HD ones."
Friend #1 : "I think I won't give vote , I don't like them when they talk on tv. They lie."
Friend #2 : "I will be giving my vote to the smartest ones , go think about it" 
Me : "Start your bid now , go on for vendue."
Friend #1 : "Haha now we're too mean."

Except all this stuff , I am doing work for some social writings. I have chosen some people from class to write on them. How they turn (good/bad) in their life? Without telling them , I'll keep an eye on them and will complete my article soon. I see many students around school that are so different in behaving , doing their work, belong to broken families and some are growing with hatred for their studies. I know they're not supposed to be bad, they don't have other way. Spending time with bad company spoils your image.

They must not be like that when they were tweens. Some were too good when they were in primary stage. Now they've turned really bad guys. I don't know what I am going to call my future little pile of articles , maybe "What happened to them" , or "How you turned like that?". (I should stay away from Discovery chanel).
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27 April 2013

8 Different types of neighbours that you might survive

What kids of neighbour you have? Do they behave awkwardly when your daughter runs into their flowers? Do they talk in a sweet way? There are many types of neighbours that you may know. They are good , annoying and sometimes grumpy!

-Hippie Neighbours :
They're commomnly seen in arragaing parties , B.B.Qs , fireworks and get togethers. This kind of neighbours is usually friendly and don't mind about your tantrum on their late night parties and noise. Instead of this , they invite you to join them sometimes.

-Master Chef Neighbours :

This type is based on the family lady.Everytime she tries a new recipe , she sends it to you and asks a review next morning. This kind of neighbour is very friendly.

-Selfish-Sporty Neighbours :

Kids and Daddy! A family involving in many gaming/sports activities and winner of some local area sport event. This type is commonly involves in jealousy and comparison. Like , they can't see your kids in lead during a sport event.

-Fashion Diva Neighbours :

A family consisting many beautiful daughters, a stylish mom and an innocent daddy. This type can be so arrogant (except daddy). That is to say that you don't have a very good relationship status with them.

-Lovely Neighbours :

A house next to yours that is owned by a couple, near to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They are truly like your grandparents. You believe them and take their advice when needed. Having this kind of neighbourhood is such a blessing.

Prowler Neighbours :

This kind is also based on the women of family. They love to sneak into your house in every possible way. They keep an eye on all of your coming guests and they're totally aware of your personal matters. They even use their kids, sometimes , to sneak in your house.

Grumpy Neighbours :

A type of neighbour that can't bear your son's football in their garden. Not even your newspaper on their door. You definitely don't talk to them except of an occasion. 

Simply-Yours Neighbours :

This type of neighbours are also called as normal neighbours. They share your happiness and dolour and they support during hard times. They share their meals with you , they help to paint your house and clean your garden. They are simply yours.

25 April 2013


I am currently :

Yogurt. After my perioral dermatitis , it's the most tasty thing I find in fridge. And it's getting warmer here so I'll try some fruity yougurt popsicles. I found this on Pinterest and I am loving it.
Recipe here
Ovaltine and milk. Before sleeping , after waking up in the morning. It was my childhood favourite drink but I am back to this , aha! 

A good rain to come down. The smell that comes after rain. Someone to gift me a new book , all of my storiy books have come to an end. And the last wish is to have a peaceful space to do some painting.

Some new friends that I made via blogging. (Hurry , I am still open for more new friends) :) . My art journal, I am still working on making it lovely. A Turkish Drama seriel Asi , it has ended some years ago but a channel here is showing it now. The story and hero are awesome.

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24 April 2013

Living well is the best revenge

Living well is the best revenge.
I read this and I was like yeah I got it. This is the best way to burn someone from inside. After that , count on , you will know you have haters!I am not-so-taking-revenge type gal. (I was) After so many things , I need changed.Who can bear it for too long? What people around me expect from me? After a fight , I will be there with a bunch of flower to apologize! Whew , it's a crap!

No mean thing,  but I am not thinking about any bug in me.
15 Celebrity Gifs That Will Help Get You Through A Break-Up

Dance your favourite move :
What a great source of joy! dum dum dum & move like a wave. Dance in a way you love. 

Be peaceful during a problem
What makes you feel worried? Be so content in front of others even you are breaking inside. It willhelp you to be sad only. Happy and content living is the best. Don't you just understand that?


Be satisfied with your weight
Why you just don't let the world know that you are awesome with your fats? It's your shape and you love it. I am kinds fat and I am proud .

Enjoy everything in your life
You only live once. Then enjoy every little thing with a big party. Even after some problems , celebrate it , hey it just passed. Like we did a party after exams :D

              15 Celebrity Gifs That Will Help Get You Through A Break-Up

I am very happy for this post. I am glad that i wrote it. I have been doing all this stuff for more than 2 months. I want you all to be content. It's the best thing. 
In the last , I want to show something that made my day.The best thing I found on a website/
           15 Celebrity Gifs That Will Help Get You Through A Break-Up
I am still thinking for a Ryan Gosling version for GTA :D

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23 April 2013

Grab A Friend Blog Hop

Blog Hop

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22 April 2013

Monday Mea Culpa

It's Monday . School time , no I am resting home. Who would go for extra classes after exams? I am not up!  Family says it's a bad thing. What? Resting home is never evil. Have you ever listened that a villian is resting home?
5 things I am guilty from my week.

-I haven't done my laundry , I am busy with my projects of some designs.
Some new work in progress.

-I didn't attend my school (As said above). Woo , I am resting home!
-Did someone say Pizza? I ate only one slice, inspite of dermatitis.
-I planned things in my planner & I cheated. I am sorry.
-I didn't polish my shoes and wore them dirty in last exam. Nah , I don't mind!

Tomorrow will be Tuesday. Our blog hop is going live tomorrow. 
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Happy Monday and listen , every Monday is not bad. Enjoy!

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21 April 2013

The Summer's not hot

It's almost summer. It's sad that we don't have long spring here. But we have very long summer ( I mean it). I am fully prepared for royal summer. Mangoes , mint colour , sea and new cloths. This year I would be happy with white and mint.
I was contacted by an online shop , Clothings Love. They have huge collection of cute cloths and accessories. I am falling hard for some necklaces. They biggest thing I love , yayyy free shipping! It worths shopping then!
Wholesale Necklaces

Necklaces are really important for me as I wear plain shirts. Their necklace collection is great , as I say I am falling for some necklaces. And rings & bracelets too. Woo I am going so greedy.
Summer necklaces , I would choose an owl. and blues , after all summer and seas. No Eiffel tower this time.

This cap reminds me of my primary school days when we all try to cheer up our team in sun with this kinda cap. It's for big heads , I am up!

White Glasses Printing Short Sleeve Women Loose T-Shirt T5016w
White Shirts
White Decorative Rivets Double Lapel Chiffon Sleeveless Women Blouse H5960w
Chiffon white shirt , they would be so perfect for summer. What about one with bubble necklace? Blue or mint! 
What are your summer plans for dress up? Would you go white or mint?

20 April 2013

Gossip & Giveaway -A Custom Blog Design

It's time to celebrate. Exams are finally over.  Now I can focus on my freelancing . I am having great goals for having my own gadget with my very own money. Me and Noori want to do it on our own. No money is needed from mum & dad. We can do it like big girls!

This Friday me , Noori and one of my old neighbour friend Rabiya were having gossip. She is such a sweet girl and doesn't talk much. I was telling her that Noori like games that are designed for boys.
Me : Noori likes boys games like Mid town madness & GTA.
Noori : Not GTA , it's GTA San Andreas
Rabiya : Oh it's a boy game. Aree , do you also use to play it?
Me : No , there is no GTA Ryan Gosling , I am not playing it!
I promised my readers to have a giveaway. All I can do is design blogs and talk with my friends (enjoy some food too). Wait I am good at sleeping too.

Here's a giveaway from me and my twin. There will be three winners. One will win blog custom design and ad space on my blog , second winner will win a guest post and ad space on my blog and third winner will win ad spce on Noori's Blog.

Good Luck :)

19 April 2013

High Five For Friday

1-  Have you heard about Coca Cola's program , Be Crazy For Good? We did it! We all girls became crazy for good. One bottle , no glasses & 6 girls. We drank like crazies!
2- I found this vintage solid perfume. It has great smell. No one uses it now but I love it , I am a vintage lover.
3- Spring is going to an end. It's getting so sunny here. Soon summer.
4- My friend sent me this lovely original water colour. Love from Spain.
5- Because of dermatitis , I am forced to eat green vegetables. Eew.

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