30 March 2013

Designing the beginnings

It's been a while that I posted. Many things happened , I did my first chemistry's practical then had a yummy feast & arranged all the eating set up , mum went to Parents & Teacher meeting , I completed my two awesome blog designs & got my FINAL exams date sheet.

1-Chemistry's Practical & Feast :
It was awesome. Me and my partner had assigned to prepare Oxygen gas with Hydrogen Peroxide. At the last moment , Hydrogen decided not to work. That was really hard to put up with that situation but our teachers recovered it!
As a rule , after practicals , the whole class eats a feast. We all arranged Biryani & cold drinks. A group of boys & me and Noori did all arragements for plates and spoons and other stuff. Noor even made a boy wash dishes :D
In labcoat.

2-Mum in PTM :
This part is not my favourite. She was there for our result but luckily or not , result wasn't out. She just had some FRIEND talk with teachers and then returned.

3-Designs :
I just spent hours on two of my new designs and yeah I am lovin' them. My uncle thinks that I did it like a pro :D Thanks to him :) Check my Design Blog Areeba's Design.

And what about my blog's new look?

8 April 
My final exmas are decided to be held on this date.
My school is taking Chemistry's paper again. I have learnt one thing , if you hate any subject , it doesn't mean that you will be free from it. Then you have to face it bravely!

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  1. yea, u did it like a pro. i wish i can do something like that too!


  2. Great designing dear! Good luck for more projects! And good luck to more of your exams! :)

    Happy weekend!

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  3. Welcome back <3 We've missed you. Oh well hating a subject does not mean running away from it. Those are wise words >D But still, it does not stop me from hating them >.> And I've realized that the more I hate them the worse I do in them ;_; But what to do? Those subjects are so hatable =P

    April 8th will pass by in a blink then you will be having your holidays so good luck for your exam! <3


  4. I really love your design with the flowers and feathers! That is beautiful!

  5. Hey doll, wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)
    Please let me know.


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