23 March 2013

Be safe

My amulet
Every mum is so insecure for her kid. Even her kid is not-a-small-kiddo anymore. My mum is like the rest.
 1 year ago , I got a weird skin problem. It's kind of a skin dandruff aorund my upper lips. Because of this problem , I can't use many lip balms , only these which are approved by doctors. Can't use many types of lotions. All I use all day are vitamin e lip blams and special lotion. I am the one who spends a HUGE amount of money on cosmetic (medical). I have to use my lip balm in every fifteen minute or else I am unable to speak, skin streches and it hurts while speaking. My parents have contacted many doctors , now I am doing my appointments with Pakistan's 5th biggest dermatologist. I can't put up with problem anymore , how can a girl stay away from lipsticks and shiny lip balms? 
Some of my lip balms bought in last two months

My mum made a amulet for me , after all the medication , she wants to believe on her prayers and tips.
I don't like to wear amulets as I think it seems like I am a sissy kid , can't have anything strong so I cling with stones and amulets and charms. But I wore because mum said so,
Cause mums are always like that :)



  1. Yes! Mums are always like that. I also have an amulet which should protect me :)

    I hope the problem with ur lips will heal^^

    xx ♥

  2. That's a lot of lip balm! Hope you feel better.

  3. Beautiful amulet, what a huge collection of lip balms!

  4. Awww so cute!
    I would have loved an amulet :P
    And I had skin problems when I was like..8 , I had to use some weird tonic before my lotion, I was allergic to 99% of lotions, I had a special lipstick and even shampoo -.-
    I don't know if this is going to help you, but after some years most of the problems disappeared :) So I hope time and lots of care do the same for you


  5. I love your amulet, I would wear that with pride. It's so pretty and has so much caring put into it. :) I want an amulet now. :)
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  6. You mom sounds like a sweetheart. It sucks when you have skin sensitivities. I am sensitive to a lot of products out there.

  7. IM the exact same http://natwest-thatgirl.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. Aw, sorry to hear you have that problem! I hope the appointment goes okay, let us know how it goes!

    Corinne x

  9. I'm so sorry! By the way your mum is so sweet!
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  10. The love of a mother...There's nothing like it! She is just watching out for you and loves you.
    I'm so sorry you have to go through this with the skin. My youngest son has severe eczema, and because of this and his extreme allergies, we spend quite a lot of $$$ on special lotions, creams, ointments and such.
    I have very sensitive lips as well and I need to use special lip balms too. Regular lip balms and lipsticks/lip gloss I can use, but I will pay the price for it later. =( It's so hard to stay away from those things!
    Good luck with the dermatologist. I hope the doc can help. =0)

  11. oh man so sorry to hear about your lip problem. it's so hard to have sensitive skin. my two younger kiddos get rashes a lot. that is really sweet of your mom to give you that amulet!


  12. I had a problem kinda like this around my nose and chin and the doctor told me it was stress. Hope yours leaves you soon!

  13. Hi ^^ You have a good blog. Welcome to my life: http://beatetn.blogspot.com/

  14. what a fun post (not the sensitive skin part, but the worried mom and amulet part) i hope u find something that works for you soon. i just created a twitter account @bakingforshoes and hope you'll follow me once I find u!

    enjoy the weekend!


    P.S. Since google reader might be going down I am following you on Bloglovin now. Come by and follow me too;)


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