30 March 2013

Designing the beginnings

It's been a while that I posted. Many things happened , I did my first chemistry's practical then had a yummy feast & arranged all the eating set up , mum went to Parents & Teacher meeting , I completed my two awesome blog designs & got my FINAL exams date sheet.

1-Chemistry's Practical & Feast :
It was awesome. Me and my partner had assigned to prepare Oxygen gas with Hydrogen Peroxide. At the last moment , Hydrogen decided not to work. That was really hard to put up with that situation but our teachers recovered it!
As a rule , after practicals , the whole class eats a feast. We all arranged Biryani & cold drinks. A group of boys & me and Noori did all arragements for plates and spoons and other stuff. Noor even made a boy wash dishes :D
In labcoat.

2-Mum in PTM :
This part is not my favourite. She was there for our result but luckily or not , result wasn't out. She just had some FRIEND talk with teachers and then returned.

3-Designs :
I just spent hours on two of my new designs and yeah I am lovin' them. My uncle thinks that I did it like a pro :D Thanks to him :) Check my Design Blog Areeba's Design.

And what about my blog's new look?

8 April 
My final exmas are decided to be held on this date.
My school is taking Chemistry's paper again. I have learnt one thing , if you hate any subject , it doesn't mean that you will be free from it. Then you have to face it bravely!

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23 March 2013

Be safe

My amulet
Every mum is so insecure for her kid. Even her kid is not-a-small-kiddo anymore. My mum is like the rest.
 1 year ago , I got a weird skin problem. It's kind of a skin dandruff aorund my upper lips. Because of this problem , I can't use many lip balms , only these which are approved by doctors. Can't use many types of lotions. All I use all day are vitamin e lip blams and special lotion. I am the one who spends a HUGE amount of money on cosmetic (medical). I have to use my lip balm in every fifteen minute or else I am unable to speak, skin streches and it hurts while speaking. My parents have contacted many doctors , now I am doing my appointments with Pakistan's 5th biggest dermatologist. I can't put up with problem anymore , how can a girl stay away from lipsticks and shiny lip balms? 
Some of my lip balms bought in last two months

My mum made a amulet for me , after all the medication , she wants to believe on her prayers and tips.
I don't like to wear amulets as I think it seems like I am a sissy kid , can't have anything strong so I cling with stones and amulets and charms. But I wore because mum said so,
Cause mums are always like that :)


21 March 2013

Freedom sings

Treat to myself after exams. 

Spring break!
Last exam is over! Chemistry is over. I can't tell in words the happiness of being free. But big boom of national exams is still there.
Common cause the binding force. It has proven today in school. Our all class fell down in Section C of paper of Chemistry. But we all were happy that it's finally over. All students were anxious to find out that who did Section C , but no one did Section C. I am not so guilty as we all were in very bad position about this paper , we will do our best at National Exams :)

I finally got a Tibet Ring for myself. Postman delievered it today and mum was more happy than me. She needed one with round stone :)
Spot the nail colour? It was a while that I painted my nails , but today the day of joy we all girls did some treatment to ourselves :)

 photo blog2_zps186f8496.png

18 March 2013


It's Monday , I should be in school but luckily my van left without me so it's me and blogging :)
Things I am currently working on :
1- Act exactly according my planner
It's no secret that I am too lazy to act according my planner. It's not good thing. I should do things I wrote. I even forgot to check To-Do-Thursday list -_-
2- Send some love to chemistry
I don't like this subject but I have to learn it. I guess no one like it except of teachers who teach it.
3- Influenster 
This site rocks. If anyone needs some invitations , simply tell me in the comments & leave your email and I will send you one :)
4- Online jobs 
I am unable to find a job which is international . If you know about one , tell me . I will be glad to work.
5- Reunion
With some old friends. It's fun to talk and a few fights during conversations.
6- Pinning!
Yay , it's all I am loving right now. Pin this , pin that.

My favourite finds on Pinterest 

DSLR cupcake by cotton candy
Art Journaling - Dina Walkey
e-cards so goregous I sent myself one. Get the App it's amazing
E cards
DIY | Wire Love / Name Bracelet #DIY #jewlery
Great view London
Phaedra's Adventures: Monday Motivator
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16 March 2013

War of struggle : For food!

Saturday , what it means? 

Unfortunately me and Noori had to attend Chemistry's extra class today -_- 
Woke up early in the morning and the old cycle of life started , brush your teeth and get dressed for school. 
But my mum surprised us both at the end of class , we were going to lunch with her. Yay for mum daughter time. It happens on in blue moon.
As we live in countryside , it's hard to reach a good place for lunch but we do some travel for good food!
We traveled about 1 hour to reach the KFC's branch in Karachi. It is never easy to reach there. It was too hot outside but I don't mind spending my whole day visiting restaurants :D 
My mum was kind enough to buy six drinks for trio :D
Spending your time with mum is always hard as she is a busy woman in house work. But sharing my stories + problems with her is comfy. If you ask me to vote mum or dad , I would choose dad but you know girls are naturally attached with mums. It's a fact  :)

PS : Follow my blog through Bloglovin' HERE as it's news that GFC will be gone soon.
Have a good weeknd :)

14 March 2013

Back to the old way

Life is back to normal way. 
 And I love it :)
Thanks for all the blogger fellows :)

Things to share :
-I am a 90's kid , all of 90's kid loved to collect little toys . We even loved to play with balloons but this new kid generation only want PSP & Xbox to play with. I have this little ball , filled with water and when you drop it on the floor or hit it hardly , it GLOWS! Proud to be a 90's kid :D

-It's good to be a cashier , it's our party in school on Friday after our computer's practical arranged by Computer's student and I was the cashier to collect all the money for arrangements :D Lol , it felt so rich . I aksed my friend , in a funny tone , "Will you go to shopping with me to spend all this money for my new nail colours?" She looked at me with suspicious eyes and then we all laughed. I won't let these little things.

-Our Chemistry's teacher gave us 64 questions + one whole chapter to learn and then give test in two days. How it can be possible? O.o 

-Remember my post Accidental Creations? I made two bracelets. I , now wear this red and gray one on my left arm to keep my program " Be better" on it's way :) It reminds me that I am doing good things only. It's bit tight , so it's easy to remember that I have some promises to myself :)

9 March 2013

Problems of a crafty ones

"Creativity makes a leap, then looks to see where it is."
Friday night , everybody else was enjoying watching TV and eating pop corns while I was doing some craft & creativity session with threads and pieces of cloth. People around me think that I am an over obsessed girl with art and craft. But honestly how can a blogger be away from creativity?
I was wandering on Pinterest for some ideas for art journalling and found out many amazing ideas. I worked for 3 hours to make some designs on my journal and mum is now angry as she thinks it's wrong to do art in the hard days of exams. 
I am unable to tell her that it makes my mind fresh. if I am not ready for study , no one can make me study with coercion! I can't give 5 hours continuously to study while it's easy to spend whole day in creating DIYs and paintings. Noori is the only one to understand , lol the perks of having a twin :D

Well leave my problems behind. How these bracelets look ? They are just accidental creations. I don't mind spending everyday making these or painting my journal haha , pardon mum.

8 March 2013

High five for Friday

1- Yay , English's exam is passed! 2 more to go before the final boom of finals!
2- Got my personal planner , I hope my life is going to be tidy.
3- Did little DIY , life is incomplete without it!
4- Planning fail.
5- Got a note from kids of my van that they want some new music in my USB. Probably they are tired of old collection they are repeatedly listening :D

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Have a fabulous weekend

6 March 2013

And then spring rises

It's finally spring here. Me and Noori are enjoying it well by laying in the bed and watching catwalk shows for spring dresses collection . Honestly we should be out for watching flowers blooming but no way , home is best to celebrate all the seasons.
Cupcakes and Lays , it's time to have some family , cozy and perfect spring time :) 
Chicnova Spring Wishlist

Chicnova Spring Wishlist by areebasiddique featuring print shoes
Here's my wishlist from Chicnova.com

I was helping my teacher to arrange sentences for our English grammar's class. I asked her many questions from her about random things , she just answered quietly and smiled at some of my questions. I thought that how it feels like to be working as teacher. It's such a hard job plus divine & lovely too. I still remember giving my primary school's teacher a hand made card weekly :) But it also true that we , students , annoy our teachers so much and I feel so sorry for it. Our teachers bear our noise , misbehaving but love us back. It's Women's day on 8. I really want to salute my teachers :)
So proud to be a woman, 
Women's Day

3 March 2013

Things your family shouldn't do in public

Everyone thinks that she/he owns a weird family. Me too , sometimes. But there are some things that I surely don't like about them are their public dealings.
Does it sound familiar? 

-Call your very personal family pet name in public places , never! 
-Tell your childhood stories in public parties that how you loved your pink milk bottle!
-Call all fizzy drinks Pepsi . If they want 7Up , they should call it 7Up.
-In a boutique , they shouldn't say to designer that their daughter design better dresses. 
-Your Primary school incident, if you ever cried when you got low marks in grade 3. Or your first stage role when you played role of a tree in the act of Wizard of Oz.
-Say no to eat more oily things in the front of a waiter in a hotel/restaurant , cause you are getting fatten!
Once my family told all of my relative that how I broke my twin sisters's left arm. It felt so shamed , oh I did this thing 7 years ago! O.o
But it's fun to think that my family is different , from those who never let their kids laugh in the front of them. It's kinda cruel. ( maybe)
Do you have any memory like that?

 I am now calling for March's sponsors. 

1 March 2013

Look at the steps

Exams and other problems. Lack of blogging. I am hating it. I give half of my leisure time to it. Blogger fellows are like my virtual family :) Thanks to all!
1- My crazy updo , I love making it with my curls.
2 -  2nd paper passes , it went awesome. I enjoyed the feeling that it passed. I ate a lot of fruit cocktail.
3 - PIZZA LOVE! Say we want it!

Many things to share
. First thing that I have learnt many things in such a small period of last months. It hurts a lot when you make a mistake and you realize it after a while. Letting a friend go is never wise.
Disgracing your own self is stupid but in the front of some relations , you have to do that.
Hurting your parents is very bad thing. I am sorry to mum for those moments when I was out of my own control. It's kinda confession and she doesn't know about it.
Forgiveness is easy than keep the hate in your heart. Now I am not gonna hit everyone only because they did something bit bad to me. TOLERANCE! Today one of my class mate dropped on my left foot with his chair but I didn't say him a word cause I knew he didn't do it with his intention.
Be patriotic , it helps in Pakistan Studies exam. I learnt it in the examintaion hall :D
Sometimes some relations are made to broken, we should let them go. Yeah let them go. If you stop them , they might change to hate.
Look at the steps before you take them!
   PS : Tonight I am gonna sleep peacefully :) Thanks to all for your lovely comments in my previous post. I am planning to  start a little blogging program in which I am gonna reach you in your email box, cause in final exams , I will only check my email box. What do you think about it?