27 February 2013

The way I am living NOW

Life is getting harsh day by day. No lie , it's been a while that I sleep peacefully. Wake up before the sun and pray , get ready for school , travel a lot and reach school. Pinch yourslef for exam's revision and get back to home in the late afternoon. Eat a lot and then open your laptop. Study , dinner , sleep on 1:30 am!
Then again wake up at 6!
I hope you all are doing good. I am missing my normal blogging life but I am sorry. I give half of my time to designing blog. You can see minor changes here. 

Just want to show you all my necklace. I thought it was unique so I picked it from eFoxcity.com

My wishlist , I think after exmas I will need to get shopped :D
I always prefer long sleeves , long and loose + cozyshirts and wide pants :) My dad doesn't like over-the-top tight dressing :)

Women A.V.V2012 Autumn New Candy Dotted Chiffon Long Sleeve Khaki T-Shirt One Size@II1023k
Innit lovely? 
Silver Euro Metal Bracelet @SP44382
Spikes , spikes , I want spikes!
Women New Summer Vintage Middle Sleeve Chiffon Polo Neck Single-Breasted Grey Blouses S/M@TS120202g
Chiffon <3

Women Individuality Vogue Dotted Haren Skinny Casual Polyester Pants S/M/L@IM5122-0169b
It seems cozy!
Shining Green Big Precious Stone Vintage Rings @SP39476
Emerald is declared as the colour of 2013. I don't have any emerald 
jewellery yet ;(

I just discovered a simply lovely website to shop. 

Oh I love this piece!
Pastel of course bracelet

Let's feel holiday!

I am feeling so extravagant! I luuv to shop , hey it's a girl nature :D

Wedding dresses less than 200$
New Gorgeous Trumpet Sweetheat Wedding Dress EF1218E
Cheap celebirty dresses
Chiffon Elastic Woven Satin Sheath/ Column Sweetheart Evening Dress inspired by Selena Gomez at Emmy Awards EF1099

2013 prom dresses
Taffeta Trumpet Square Chapel Train Evening Dress inspired by Heidi Klum at Oscar EF1086

How's your days? 
Are you sleeping peacefully?

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22 February 2013

The scars of exams

As you all know , I am a Computer Science student. I am having exams. Pity?
I never wanted to become a geek but I had no other choice. I can't put up with Biology. Arts wasn't availabe in my school so I stopped for CS.
This year I have to bear two BIG exams. One in school level and other on National Level aka BIG STORM.
I did my Computer's paper today and after coming home , I rested all the time. I don't why I was so tired yet happy that 1 of 5 papers just passed :D 
I've planned that I am gonna rest on the weekend and study from Monday :)

I love to grime my notes :D Step back to Primary classes where we all made loads of doodle art on our note books :D

A collection of my signs and lyrics of my current favourite song. 

Art and words. Made while writing :D

Tan-tan -tan , I did all this art with my love , my Parker :D It's from 2011's silver collection and it was a gift from Dad when I had excellent result in my quiz :D

Photo Of The Moment : My real expressions at the revision of lessons at home!

Creativity never dies , what do you think that Computer's students don't own any crafty ideas? 
WE can be crafty :P

A question : Do you ever made any doodle art on your notebooks/ notes?

One little thing , I just ordered glasses for my computer work. I mentioned in my last post that I am having some problems while working with copmputer and coding. Thanks for the lovely comments :)
~Happy Weekend~

Also check my Designs :) The only advantage of being a Computer's student :D

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18 February 2013

Ma-Ma-My Dilemma

"Monday and Tuesday will be off from school."
                      -School Management.

Woo! What a great thing. Off from school even on Monday. This notification made my day :D
Nowadays , working on blog designs take hours. As being a computer student , I know how to do coding but it hurts my eyes >.<
It's spring coming. I am so excited about it. I am tired of Winter. I no more like the whistles of wind.
I am now attached to music pretty much. Have you listened My Dilemma of Selena Gomez? Me and my twin are loving this! What is your favourite song right now?
Just woke up 
Take a look at my designs :)
Check out my Design's blog
Happy Week :)

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16 February 2013

The Creation

*Drums Roll*
This is my first creation in kitchen.
It's a Paratha
An important and traditional flatbread specially in mornings with tea or chutni.
I am sorry , it was burnt, extra-crispy as it shouldn't be.
But it was MINE. I created this so I loved this!

In actual , it looks like this
(the picture below)
But I still feel much proud.
I have been thinking very creative lately. 
Look what I did to my cousin :P
My aunt was shocked after this. Her son in a satonic look hahaha.

It was raining yesterday and I really enjoyed staying home after coming back from school. The whole way back was crazy with a lot of kids in my van.
It was a beautiful scene but it's blur :(

See the rain drops?

What was your first creation in kitchen?
On your siblings/cousins face?

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13 February 2013

OOTD : Festival Colours

Yay festival! I love them. The reason is so simple, you can eat a lot , sing , dance and wear what you like. Colours , food , friends and no restrictions!
Our class was invited to Kid's Festival of our school and that was so much fun.
Thought of "playing" with juniors was awkward but honestly it didn't bother.  

No one is grown up for Mary Go Round :D 

So , a junior :D

Top - Local Brand
Jeans - Garage
Shoes - North Star
Bag - CaliJoules
Necklace - AhaiShopping
Watch - Citizen

In short words , me and my twin had great fun! We ate a lot , even tried Trampoline this time. I have millions of pictures but I think these are enough :D

Candyfloss :D

I got these necklaces from Ahaishopping
I was looking for beard/moustache necklaces and I found out that they have some unique designs like Union Jack and beaded ones.
As it's Valentine Day near , I thought that I should have something lovely so I chose an Eiffel Tower :D

These necklaces are really stylish. They are in a long golden chain. The stones are perfectly fitted and so glimmery. You can see it in the picture above.
The best thing the shop did to me that they did me free shipping :D Nothing's better than this!

Live Strong , I bought it from festival shops.

PS : I am loving a film named "Warm Bodies" for Valentine. If you really want to make your V-day amazing (and funny too) , go watch it!

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